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(LifeSiteNews) — It has now been four months since I came to you asking for help to get a kidnapped boy back to his mother, and with the groundbreaking film “Sound of Freedom” having just come out, making people aware of how awful child trafficking is, I wanted to update everyone on the situation.

While it was overall good news, until this morning, it was no thanks to our government, the police, or the courts. 

As expected, the cowardly and useless Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP), the local police, the courts, and the provincial bureaucracy have effectively protected a kidnapper and abuser for the sake of sexual insanity.

After what happened this morning though, I have determined it no longer necessary for me to keep my anonymity or the location of where this is happening hidden. This is happening to a relative of mine, and the courts have shown themselves to be inarguably corrupt. 

In the days immediately following the initial report of what happened to Felicity (the mother) and Pip (the son), we retained a lawyer outside of the province of New Brunswick, because we could not get a lawyer locally that would help us. After retaining the lawyer, Felicity and her mother Barbara, Pip’s grandmother, attempted to pick up Pip from the daycare that conspired with Robin – Felicity’s former lesbian roommate, who dresses as a man, and who fraudulently added herself as a parent on Pip’s birth certificate – to keep Pip from his mother. The daycare threatened them both with arrest for trespassing if they did not leave the premises, and the local police agreed.

Felicity's Legal Fund to Get Her Child Returned Safely

Felicity’s lawyer then sent a letter to the daycare explaining that they were in violation of provincial law, and that legal action would be taken against them if they did not allow Felicity to pick up Pip. 

The daycare, rather than doing what was in the best interest of the child, then called Robin, who has no biological relation to Pip, and told her to pick up the child. The daycare also told Robin that they would no longer accept Pip at the daycare. Thus, the daycare willfully gave the child back to his abuser, Robin, rather than to his own mother. This, however, eventually worked out in Felicity’s favor. 

The local police had specifically told Barbara and Felicity that they were useless to help them, and that they would not take a child from a “transgender” person, lest they be labeled “transphobic.” The local police told them to take it to family court, which would hear the case in 6-18 months. Family court, however, told Felicity to file a grievance with the provincial equivalent of child protective services (CPS). 

Felicity submitted a request for Pip to be removed from Robin’s care, but while they accepted the paper, the agent told Felicity that they didn’t believe her story had merit (they refused to believe her). So, while CPS was at the beck and call of whatever a “transgender” person claimed, a person who even made threats while CPS was ransacking Felicity’s home, they would not believe the actual mother of the child.  

This left Felicity distraught, and with her as yet still undiagnosed medical issues, contributed to her needing to get medical care. Thanks be to God, though; Pip’s father was able to get stable work. The two have moved into an apartment to be closer to Pip, while they work on a way of getting Pip back. 

Felicity and her lawyer, with my help, were able to find evidence of violations in procedure in the creation of Pip’s birth certificate, which allowed us to move forward with a court action to have them corrected.

Vital Statistics New Brunswick (VSNB) is horribly mismanaged, and seem to be operating with impunity outside the law. VSNB does not verify the parentage on birth certificates, having made their own policy outside an act of legislature that allows them to put anything they feel like on birth certificates, in any order, with male or female listed as the “father.”

The VSNB have also set up policy that prevents parents from fixing errors, refusing to provide information or application forms without court orders and/or a lawyer requesting them. The government of New Brunswick is aware of this, but because of federal interference and an infestation of “woke” corrupt bureaucrats, who care nothing for law and have no fear of opposition, it has been a struggle to correct. 

Meanwhile, because Pip was no longer allowed at the daycare, Robin was forced to leave her job and stay home to take care of Pip. This, in turn, forced her to come to the table with Felicity. With the guidance of Felicity’s lawyer and Robin’s “legal aid,” a non-binding custody agreement was achieved, and Felicity was able to keep Pip for five days a week. 

From April to June this agreement was kept, while things were set in motion to correct the errors in the birth certificate, which is Robin’s only claim to Pip. However, in that time, Pip, who was born during the COVID-19 so-called pandemic and is now of toddler age, began to show more and more evidence of trauma. Having fits of terror, and panic attacks. 

In early June, Robin attempted to break the agreement, and take Pip to a drug and alcohol-fueled music “festival” outside the province. Felicity caught word of her plans, and Robin had not been given access to Pip since. 

After being denied access to her victim, Robin began harassing Felicity and her kids at their apartment. Felicity attempted to get a restraining order, but the police said she had no right to one, and refused to grant it. Robin began illegally parking her vehicle outside the apartment building, blocking access. Felicity called police to have her removed but the police refused.

Thankfully, again by God’s grace, the other tenants in the apartment were not the cowards the police have demonstrated themselves to be. The tenants petitioned for a restraining order against Robin. Robin was removed from the property multiple times. It must be noted, that the police will not charge Robin with trespassing, they simply force her to leave. 

Overall, everything was moving forward in a positive direction until yesterday, the 18th of July.

With less than 24 hours notice, Robin had a lawyer submit an application to the New Brunswick family court demanding that Felicity show up at 10:00 a.m. today, July 19, to determine who would get custody of Pip.

This was after we were refused a court date for the birth certificate issue until the fall, because only “serious criminal cases” would be heard until that time.

This morning, the court ignored the outrageous short notice, the complete lack of a biological connection between Pip and Robin, the history of Robin’s abuse, drug use, and neglect, and the fact that Felicity’s retained lawyer was unable to be physically present, and ordered Felicity to surrender her biological son, from his biological home, to a dangerous and unstable individual in the name of not being “transphobic.” Felicity’s son has been trafficked like a slave, with the approval of the “family” courts in New Brunswick.

Felicity is in dire need of your help. Until this morning I was going to update you all to say that we were reducing our fundraising goal from $50,000 to $10,000, however, given how this has suddenly turned into a circus of corruption, there is no way we can do so now.

Felicity's Legal Fund to Get Her Child Returned Safely

I am asking you to please help save Pip from this modern day, LGBT-led child slave trade, where children are effectively sold and exchanged like property to fulfill the delusional aspirations of people who chose to not be able to have kids of their own.