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(LifeSiteNews) — Secret and powerful U.S. government entities have gotten away with intentionally causing significant harm to Americans for many years without Americans even knowing the government entities were causing the harm. Such secret government entities included the FBI, “intelligence community,” and local police cooperating with the FBI, sometimes committing violence. (Page 118)

The previous reference is a document of the U.S. Senate Select Committee to Study Governmental Operations with Respect to Intelligence Activities, including those of the FBI. The document concentrates on FBI’s secret surveillance programs in the United States. It is important to emphasize that these are secret surveillance operations; if Americans would have had the opportunity to defend themselves from such secret FBI and secret local police operations, and if there was a true justice system in America, it is likely that many secret law enforcement, FBI, and other cooperators would have been severely punished. Because of the secrecy of the surveillance crimes committed by the FBI and others, Americans could not defend themselves.

The document provides examples of actions which can accurately be described as evil and arrogant. The secret actions described in the document can be expected to be ongoing at the present time due to the FBI’s guidelines which apparently allow the FBI, and those who cooperate with the FBI, to commit crimes, secretly own businesses which can then cause financial loss to others, falsely accuse others, and potentially even commit violence against others.

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One example of an evil and arrogant action by the FBI is setting up and operating a Ku Klux Klan group (Page 18), apparently implying violence may have been committed. The FBI also suggested poisoning food. (Page 103) A separate article may describe similar secret actions by the FBI and local police which many may not know about.

It is a predictable phenomenon – when evil, arrogant, and (often, but not always) incompetent human beings think they can do whatever they want without being punished, they are likely to do the most evil things; commonly given examples are the actions of the secret police, the Nazi Gestapo, and others during World War II. It should be emphasized that the torture and murder committed by such secret government entities was secret until it was publicized.

And even when it was publicized many probably thought it was too evil to be true. When discussing the evil history of the FBI and local secret police, the response is often, “nobody would do things like that!” The reality is that even people who say they are Christian, especially those who wrongly presume that they themselves and everyone else goes to heaven, may do such evil things. Obviously the secret government propaganda entities have succeeded in fooling many Americans into trusting the FBI and other law enforcement entities who blatantly say that they may use lies, hoaxes, and other false information, and even commit violence.

A legitimate question is: what evil actions of U.S. federal and local secret police are not known?

The FBI excuses its own covert criminal activity

Several previous articles described guidelines in which the FBI apparently allows their employees and others cooperating with the FBI (including local police) to commit crimes, secretly own businesses, cause “financial loss” to others, and even potentially commit violence against others.

And, again, while many want to be able to trust their local police, it is unfortunate that local police also may secretly commit such actions as a result of being trained by the FBI (therefore using the same FBI methods and technologies) or secretly cooperating with the FBI.

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The FBI and potentially local police apparently say that they may commit evils (“otherwise illegal activity”); and Congress seemingly does not do much about these evils.

If the FBI and local police allow themselves to secretly commit crimes, possibly including violence, what might they be doing without Americans knowing? Common sense suggests that good human beings would not work for such government entities which can apparently cause others to have financial loss and commit other crimes including violence, lying, falsely accusing others, and even falsifying court documents or statements. A separate U.S. Federal law apparently allows the FBI and local police to commit hoaxes. Indeed, common sense suggests that one can expect very evil human beings to be secretly operating such entities.

Advanced surveillance

Similarly, the FBI and local police previously used, and likely currently use, secret advanced surveillance technologies on Americans. This probably does not need to be written: evil and arrogant persons might want to know what others are doing at every moment of their life. There are governments which seek to know and control everything others do.

While it cannot be explained here, it is also a spiritual phenomenon – the devil and the fallen angels seek to possess the brains and control the actions of every human being. There are human beings who get involved with diabolical practices with the intent to control and even harm others. Similarly, diabolical government surveillance and diabolical government control are to be expected in societies which don’t follow the Ten Commandments as they are taught in authentic Catholicism. Authentic Catholicism is the only true freedom.

One potentially diabolical government surveillance technology was described in a previous article; the article suggested advanced innovative surveillance technologies that may be used by the FBI and local police to be able to “see into” buildings, houses, churches, etc. and therefore observe every action of every human being at every moment of their life. The U.S. Federal government may have attempted to legalize such technologies by labeling it as “biosurveillance” and confusing most people who might wrongly think that such a term only refers to the government merely collecting information on infectious diseases.

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There is significant information which supports the previous suggestions. A U.S. Federal law describes advanced surveillance technologies that could likely be used to “actively scan” and “see into” peoples’ homes and surveil every action at every moment of their life.

The U.S. Federal law describes “Large-Scale Non-Intrusive Inspection Scanning” and defines it in the following way:

The term ‘large-scale, non-intrusive inspection system’ means a technology, including x-ray, gamma-ray, and passive imaging systems, capable of producing an image of the contents of a commercial or passenger vehicle or freight rail car in 1 pass of such vehicle or car.

It is important to emphasize that the law uses the word, “including,” which means that there may be more technologies in use than those described that produce an image of the contents of a commercial or passenger vehicle. And the law also describes “x-ray, gamma-ray,” and other imaging systems, which were discovered many years ago and could be perfected for remote use by governments to surveil humans in their homes or other buildings.

The law defines “scanning” as:

[U]tilizing nonintrusive imaging equipment, radiation detection equipment, or both, to capture data, including images of a commercial or passenger vehicle or freight rail car.

The law clearly describes “x-ray, gamma-ray,” and other technologies that can “see into” or “see through” objects. Such technologies could likely be designed to see into homes and “actively scan” every action of every human being at every moment.

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It cannot be elaborated upon in this article, but it should be mentioned that former President Barack Obama’s and then-Vice President Joe Biden’s biosurveillance strategy required “actively scanning” the environment. (Page 5)

Obama wrote that the U.S. Federal and local government biosurveillance strategy is to do “everything possible to identify and understand threats as early as possible.” Other articles described that “early as possible” refers to when “threats” are in the brain, but that is not going to be elaborated here. And the above-mentioned U.S. Federal law describes “scanning” technologies that can “see through” or see into large objects. Thus, the biosurveillance strategy of “actively scanning” the environment may have meant literally using advanced surveillance technologies to actively scan and see into homes and other buildings to surveil every human action at every moment.

While the FBI apparently allows itself to commit crimes and apparently could use technology even if it was illegal, it is still worth mentioning that apparently Congress has not made such x-ray and other “scanning” technologies illegal for surveillance of humans.

When the government does not make such advanced technologies illegal, and when the government says it is going to do “everything possible to identify and understand threats as early as possible,” one can reasonably expect the government to be using such x-ray or other advanced surveillance technologies to see into peoples’ homes, businesses, etc., if those technologies are “possible.”

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If such advanced surveillance technologies are used, it is possible that the FBI and local police would use hoaxes as propaganda to make Americans wrongly believe that the FBI and local police use less-advanced surveillance technologies.

Also, it has already been described in other articles, but recent laws suggest the possibility of using very advanced technologies to surveil the human brain. Those who think such suggestions are crazy are invited to study the BRAIN Initiative technologies, laws, and other U.S. federal government documents and arrive at their own conclusion.

One might also ask, based on the history of the secret actions and surveillance of the FBI and local police, could one expect there to be thousands of people in America who would want to secretly “see into” others’ homes and get paid by the government to do such diabolical surveillance? And if remote brain manipulation technology exists, would such diabolical people seek government jobs to use the technology to torture those people that they do not like?


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