It’s no secret that abortion supporters use language in curious ways. A “baby” becomes a “fetus” or a “blob of tissue” or the “products of pregnancy” and then back to a “baby” in the blink of an eye.

One of the best examples of this is found in the book What to Expect When You’re Expecting. On pages 42 and 43 we find information about prenatal diagnosis and we are told that in case of fetal abnormalities there are two options: to continue the pregnancy or to terminate the pregnancy.

Oddly, however, in the paragraph about continuing the pregnancy, we are told all about a “baby.” But then in the next paragraph, which is all about “terminating” the pregnancy, there is no mention of a baby at all; the baby has been completely replaced with the “products of pregnancy.” It’s so obvious and transparent a ruse that you can only laugh at the kind of self-delusion that seems to honestly believe it can change reality simply by changing the word used to describe it.

It’s the sort of thing that somehow abortion supporters do while keeping a straight face. But really, they can only get away with it when the linguistic gymnastics are kept to a very narrow set of circumstances. Extend their absurd abuse of language into the ordinary, the day-to-day, and it becomes so ridiculous that no one can fail to see through it.

One pro-life ad has done an excellent job of pointing out this absurdity in a very short space of time. Check it out: