John Jalsevac


VIDEO: America’s oldest Catholic university honors one of the Church’s greatest enemies

John Jalsevac

All across America, Christians are uniting against the Obama administration’s mandate that would require all employers, including religions employers, to cover all birth control drugs, including abortifacient drugs like ella. That mandate has been condemned by leaders across denominations and religions as one of the worst - if not the worst - attacks on religious freedom in American history.

The mandate was handed down from the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS). At the helm of HHS is one woman: self-professed “Catholic” Kathleen Sebelius. Not only has Sebelius strenuously defended the mandate in the face of virulent criticism from her own bishops, but she is renowned for her pro-abortion extremism, most notably her close ties with notorious late-term abortionist George Tiller.

Given the political climate, it can only be considered a deliberate thumbing of the nose at the U.S. bishops that the country’s oldest Catholic University, Georgetown University, has now invited Sebelius to speak at their commencement ceremonies this year.

The Catholic watchdog organization the Cardinal Newman Society (CNS) has put together a video with the aim of increasing awareness about what they call the “scandal.” CNS is the same organization that spearheaded much of the protest efforts after the University of Notre Dame invited President Barack Obama to their commencement ceremonies in 2009, ultimately gathering over 300,000 signatures in opposition.

CNS has also launched a petition opposing Sebelius’ appearance at Georgetown, which can be found here. It has already been signed by over 21,000 people.


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