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September 3, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Gabriele Kuby is a German sociologist and prolific author, an acquaintance of Pope Benedict XVI who has visited him in his post-retirement monastery and still exchanges regular correspondence with him. She is the foremost European culture warrior protecting the family from the sexual revolution. Pope Benedict XVI has called her “a brave fighter against the ideologies that ultimately result in the destruction of man.”  Kuby recently published a book with Michael O’Brien, titled The Abuse of Sexuality in the Catholic Church

In this episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, Kuby talks about the sexual abuse crisis in the Church, specifically the root cause of the abuse crisis: homosexuality.  She cites the work of Fr. D. Paul Sullins, who reviewed numerous reports on abuse. Fr. Sullins’ findings clearly indicate the abuse crisis stems from something much deeper than just clericalism — the most widely accepted cause of the crisis. Sullins notes that nearly 80% the abuse in the Church involves young men at or around the age of puberty. Additionally, the prevalence of homosexuality in the priesthood is eight times higher than it is in society.  

Sadly, the topic of homosexuality is largely ignored as the Church addresses the abuse scandal. During the February summit on the abuse scandal, the word “homosexuality” was never mentioned according to Kuby.  

Kuby, a convert herself, has a deep love for the Church and challenges the Church to return to the teachings of Christ. “We have to come back to the teaching of Jesus Christ in the Bible. The beautiful teaching of the Christian teaching on sexuality, marriage and family. Make that shine. Inspire people with it,” she explains on the show.  

“Every straight or homosexual person, has this deep longing for love in the heart and the Mother Church, the calling of our Mother Church is to show people the way, how that deep longing can be fulfilled. It is not fulfilled by any kind of promiscuity, or any kind of satisfaction of your body because we are one, we are soul and body always together and only if soul and body are in the sexual act, if the soul and body are equally engaged and it is an act of mutual giving and love, only then will that desire be fulfilled, that longing for deep love be fulfilled.”

Kuby calls on the Church to clarify its rich and beautiful teachings on sexuality, rather than the modern teachings of the sexual revolution. Sadly, with Pope Francis’s famous comment, “Who am I to judge?,” and the destruction of the JPII Institute for Marriage and Family, the Church seems to be heading in the wrong direction.  

Shorty after Pope Francis’s “Who am I to judge?” statement, Kuby responded, ‘The words of Pope Francis … may go down in history as the fanfare for relativization of Christian sexual morality.”

In addition, Kuby weighs in on the tragic destruction of the JPII Institute for Marriage and Family: “It is a complete shock!”

“The Church hasn’t proclaimed its beautiful teaching of sexuality, marriage, and family and has not really made use of the incredible richness of the heritage of JP II,” she states. She calls on the Church to return to the true teaching of the Church on sexuality, marriage, and family to help in solving the sexual abuse crisis.  

The best solution to the abuse crisis according to Kuby? Penance. In her book, she writes:

Just imagine the bishops and cardinals ensnarled in the abuse scandal initiating a penitential movement and leading the faithful in prayer and fasting. Just imagine bishops who would use their power to clean the Church, with the full knowledge that this would put them on the Way of the Cross.  

In Nineveh, everyone from the king to the cattle repented, and God spared the city. What a testimony that would be to the world! This is the only way for the Church to regain its moral authority. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa!

In reality, Kuby believes that the purification of the Church will come through persecution, not widespread penance initiated by the bishops and leaders of the Church.

She states that a new totalitarianism is coming that will challenge and strengthen the laity. Kuby encourages listeners to cling to the Mary the Mother of God for strength in the persecution she states has already started.  

You won’t want to miss this episode! 

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