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VIDEO: Merry Christmas to LifeSiteNews fans from our friends in Austria

John Westen

“Sound of Music”-Style Video to “Welcome Baby Jesus“

The fact that Jesus is the reason for the season is no longer self-evident: Politically correct “seasonal greetings” often replace the traditional “Merry Christmas“. Not with us, says Austria-based children singing group “KISI - God’s Singing Kids” who created this heart-warming music video. In “sound of music” settings, children bring to light the meaning of Christmas and the joy of life, friendship and of faith. An outstanding contribution to the culture of life, filmed in the snow of the Austrian mountains and dedicated to the children all over the world.

The song “We sing merry, merry Christmas” is written and performed by KISI. The music video was directed by Manuel de Teffé in cooperation with Music Visions.

“KISI - God’s Singing Kids” are children and teenagers who sing and dance - and tell stories of faith through music. Birgit and Hannes Minichmayr, founded God’s singing kids in 1993. Their three children are themselves “KISIs”, as the participating children are called. Tabea, 13, talks about their family life which centers around writing songs, signing together, and going on tour to perform on stage: “We grow together as a family as we go around the world to sing the gospel.”

For further information, visit KISI here.

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