What are you willing to sacrifice to end abortion?

A shocking video that has started making the rounds lately shows a group of pro-lifers willing to lay down their lives for the cause. Fortunately no one was seriously hurt – an amazing thing given that the pro-lifers were run over by a pickup truck.


The video was forwarded to me this morning. I did some Googling to find out more about the incident. The only thing that turned up was this very brief article in the LA Times. But it’s not clear if it’s about the same incident or another one.

If the LA Times article is about this incident, then it occurred in 1990 in Youngstown Ohio. The article reports that the driver was not charged, suggesting that the claim in the video that he did not see the activists may have some basis (although I confess that the video makes that somewhat hard to believe).

Do any of you know when this happened, and who the pro-lifers involved were? Leave a comment if you know anything more.

If anything, the video is a stark reminder of the sacrifices that pro-lifers have been willing to make to end abortion. While the tactics of the “Rescue” movement shown in this video are not generally used or advocated in our current cultural and legal climate (at this historical period they would likely be counter-productive), peaceful pro-life activists like these who engaged in civil disobedience saved many thousands of lives, and forced a lot of people to think twice about supporting the killing of unborn children.

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Note: Those who oppose the tactics used by the pro-lifers in this video should consider this explanation by Bryan Kemper of Stand True Ministries:

In the late 80s I became involved in the Rescue movement (this is what she refers to as “clinic blockades”). The idea was for pro-lifers to be willing to lay our lives down for the sake of the babies who were being killed inside of those clinics.  We would sit and pray and sing worship songs in front of the doors or in the lobbies and, while we kept the clinics closed for hours at a time, counselors would talk to the women waiting for appointments.

I rescued for about 7 years before the FACE law was introduced and made it a felony to do a sit-in at abortion clinics, and I even participated in a few that challenged the FACE law afterwards.  I spent several stints in jail and was arrested dozens of times.  Not once in my years of rescuing did I ever see any acts of violence.

To say these tactics are morally wrong is to say that Corrie Ten Boom, who hid Jews in her home during the Nazi Holocaust, was morally wrong. It is to say that Harriet Tubman was immoral for founding the Underground Railroad that rescued slaves.  It is to say that Dr. King was wrong for staging sit-ins and organizing marches in the Civil Rights Movement.

… The Rescue Movement was a loving, peaceful movement of Christians who were willing to lay their lives down for their brothers and sisters who were going to die. If it were not for the huge penalties and long jail sentences that have made Rescue a tactic that just does not work anymore, I would still be rescuing. In fact, I have rescued recently in Australia and at least 8 babies were saved that day.