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Video: ‘Raging Grannies’ sing a hate song to Todd Akin

RH Reality Check keeps it classy. (Warning: video contains foul language.)
Thu Aug 30, 2012 - 8:18 pm EST

The pro-life movement is motivated by its belief in “the good, the true, and the beautiful.” The pro-abortion website RH Reality Check is therefore logically devoted to their antitheses.

They recently proved this fact by posting an acapella tune sung by the Raging Grannies, a collection of banal old-timers who support radical left-wing causes in song. They occasionally garnered coveted face time on C-SPAN-2’s overnight schedule during the Iraq war doing their Minnie-Pearl-meets-Che-Guevara act.

Here, they weigh in with a hateful song about U.S. Senator candidate Todd Akin, whose crime is to uphold the inherent dignity of the unborn.

If these are the best spokesmen the other side has – and their foul-worded hate speech their best retort – then the Raging Grannies are whistling past the graveyard in more ways than one.

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