As I was staring at my Justin Bieber calendar this morning (*cough, *cough) I realized one very important detail: there’s less than 50 days left until the 2012 National March for Life in Ottawa. Woot.

That’s right. The largest pro-life event in Canada is just around the corner, with one of the best line-up of speakers we’ve ever had just waiting to fill your brain with pro-life knowledge.

If you’ve never gotten a chance to attend our Youth Banquet or our Youth Conference, you do NOT want to miss out this year. Reverend Patrick Mahoney from the Christian Defense Coalition keynotes this year’s Youth Banquet. Reverend Mahoney is one of the most dynamic, inspiring and wildly entertaining speakers of this millennium. If you’re not blown away, you can have my first-born.

Chastity expert Pam Stenzel, Human Life International’s Fr. Boquet and Population Research Institute’s Steven Mosher are the VIPs for this year’s Youth Conference. Therefore, if you don’t know much about why you should have one monogamous partner (and by monogamous, Stenzel says, that doesn’t mean “one at a time”), why you should have children with that monogamous partner and why people around the world are sharing in this prolific, monogamous-partner mentality, you will be an expert by the end of our conference. Plus, there will be stickers. And everyone loves stickers.

If that doesn’t sell you, check out our website and click on the “Youth” tab for bios, scheduling, and more. Watch our epic new “countdown” video above, and share it on Facebook/Twitter with all your friends. And lastly, you must not forget one very important detail: attending the March for Life is only just the beginning. We are called, especially as young people, to do more than attend a pro-life rally once a year. JOIN us by clicking here, to stay informed of all regular pro-life activities happening across the country to help END abortion once and for all in Canada.

We WILL end abortion in our lifetime. The question is, will you be there to help us?