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Viral Video: Duck Dynasty Jase and Missy talk virginity till marriage

John Westen

A video interview from June with Duck Dynasty stars Jase and Missy Robertson talking about remaining virgins till marriage has gone viral.

Jase spoke at the K-LOVE Fan Awards and at about 1:50 in the video says: "We were both virgins when we got married until our wedding night. We decided to do it God's way and basically had a godly agreement that we would help each other get to heaven. A lot of people just think that that's unreasonable or preposterous. But you know, if everybody chose to do it God's way, the world would be a lot better off."

Missy pipes in saying, "And what an influence we can have on our children with that testimony. Our oldest son has been dating a great girl for over a year and a half and they also have the same commitment. So it's just such a wonderful joyous time as a parent to see that and the commitment they have as children wanting to do that also."

Jase concludes: “We do it because we trust in God and we believe that His way is the better way, in all things in life. I'm going to use whatever God blesses me with as a platform to tell the world that God is for you. He proved it through sending Jesus down here to die for us and be resurrected.”


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