Catholic video commentator Michael Voris is known for not wasting any time or words in getting right to the point. This is especially notable in his Feb. 14 video report: Obama’s Gamble, in which, from my own experiences of the past four decades, Voris appears to be right on the mark.

Voris starts by noting that Obama’s current health care contraceptive mandate is part of his “long term gamble that is well calculated.” Using this latest strategy, Voris says, the President, “is going all out in on finally, once and for all, neutralizing Catholic resistance to him” and “initially his gamble is paying off.”

It’s paying off because polling shows that the majority of Catholics support Obama on this issue. Says, Voris, “After squandering their authority over the past 40 years by laying in bed with the party of death they (the bishops) are now paying the price.”

Voris also addresses the bishops’ “pathetic” Faithful Citizenship document which was re-released a few months ago. In it, he says, “the garble of language and competing ambiguous principles essentially says nothing and claims nothing as being an absolute disqualifier for holding public office.”

I have to agree wholeheartedly with Voris on this one.  As a Catholic myself it has been a personal shame, a terrible embarrassment, to see bishops’ conferences, both in the US and Canada, during every election, publishing essentially useless, confusing guidelines for Catholic voters.

They strut these and other bureaucratic, spineless, election-related creations about as though they are really important, while anyone with an ounce of honesty and common sense sees they are a clear case of “the Emperor has no clothes”. They are empty of practical value and therefore most North American Catholics naturally don’t vote as they should.

Voris concludes that what needs to happen to undo all the damage that the bishops have been complicit in is “a big, much-publicized apology” – a very dramatic one. And you know – I think he is right.

Most of the bishops have not yet caught on that their negligence and direct complicity regarding today’s culture of death has been great. They do not comprehend yet that the current collapse of morality, the family, and even of freedom, has to a significant degree been a natural result of their personal and corporate naïveté, negligence and complicity. Obama would never have been elected president had the bishops acted like real bishops.

This has all become plain to me in my over 30 years of pro-life work and that is one reason why LifeSiteNews publishes so many reports on the actions or inactions of Catholic leaders. If the Catholic leadership can straighten itself out and become the faithful, evangelizing force for real good that it is supposed to be, there is a chance that current frightening trends in our culture can be turned around – for the good of everyone – not just the Catholics.

Anyway, play the video. Michael tells it much better than I can.