Massachusetts citizens will be making a momentus decision on November 6, that being whether or not to legalize assisted suicide (Question 2). Question 2 would legalize assisted suicide in a manner that is flawed, dangerous, irresponsible and simply unsafe.

The Massachusetts Committee Against Physician Assisted Suicide have begun operating their first commercial opposing Question 2 (assisted suicide) on the November 6 ballot in Massachusetts. Link to the commercial.

To donate to the cost of airing this commercial or the other commercials that the Committee Against Physician Assisted Suicide will air in the near future. Link to donate.

Assisted Suicide is sold to the public as an issue of choice. Seattle lawyer, Margaret Dore, who is an expert on assisted suicide and elder abuse, identifies the real issue – Whose Choice?

The Massachusetts Medical Society is opposing Question 2 on assisted suicide.

Recently three doctors wrote letters to newspapers explaining why they oppose Question 2.

Disability rights leaders in Massachusetts oppose Question 2 and almost every major disability rights organization in the United States officially oppose assisted suicide. The disability rights group Second Thoughts has specifically organized a campaign against (assisted suicide) Question 2.

Consider the experience of people in the State of Oregon, where assisted suicide has been legal for 14 years.

Dr. Ken Stevens had a depressed patient who was fighting cancer die by assisted suicide.

Oregon resident, Jeannette Hall, was terminally ill and wanted to die by assisted suicide. Her physician convinced her to accept treatment. More than 10 years later Jeannette Hall is happy to be alive.

Oregon resident, Kathryn Judson, was afraid to leave her husband alone with the doctors and nurses after she overheard a doctor trying to convince her husband to die by assisted suicide.

Oregon residents, Barbara Wagner and Randy Stroup, were turned down by the Oregon Health Plan for cancer treatment but offered the cheaper alternative of assisted suicide.

Massachusetts residents need to Vote NO on Question 2 (assisted suicide) on November 6. The question is flawed, dangerous, irresponsible, and simply unsafe.

Donate to the Committee Against Physician Assisted Suicide to help them defeat Question 2.