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(LifeSiteNews) — In one of the first bits of good news on the gender front, U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson recently announced that his government would be taking a closer look at the definitions included in the U.K.’s conversion therapy ban; additionally, some mainstream media sources are finally admitting that a debate exists after a half-decade of merely printing LGBT talking points.  

In response to this newfound caution, however, the Welsh government is taking the opposite approach, announcing that it is seeking to make Wales “the friendliest LGBTQ+ Nation in Europe” and will thus consider bringing in a so-called conversion therapy ban “unilaterally.”  

The Welsh Deputy Minister for Social Partnership Hannah Blythyn released a statement in response to the Johnson government’s announcement that the UK would be forging ahead with a conversion therapy ban, but would not be applying the ban to those with gender dysphoria (the vast majority of whom grow out of these feelings naturally) by saying that the Welsh government would take steps to ensure “no one is left out.” This is being interpreted as a direct rebuke and an indication that a Welsh “conversion therapy ban” would include children with gender dysphoria, potentially criminalizing therapies oriented towards helping young people feel comfortable in their own bodies. 

The Welsh government is still in the early stages of their plan; Blythyn has indicated that they are still “seeking legal advice to determine all the levers we have in Wales to end the practice of conversion therapy” and that she thinks educating the Welsh population through a “dedicated campaign” will also be necessary. Blythyn stated that, as a first step, an expert panel would be formed to lay the groundwork for legislation. The panel would interview people from “faith communities; the health and social care sector; and children and young people’s representatives.” Representatives of the LGBT community, predictably, would serve in an advisory capacity as the law was developed.  

Despite Blythyn’s statement that religious communities would be included, groups like Christian Concern were dubious, noting that an “expert advisory group” set up by the SNP-Green alliance in Scotland for the same purpose didn’t bother to speak to representatives who would express “concerns over the effects a broad ban would have on the ordinary work of churches.” It is more likely that clergy like the Anglican former Archbishop of Canterbury, who recently condemned the cautious approach of the Johnson government and urged legislators to include gender dysphoria in a conversion therapy ban, would be consulted.  

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The entire country has seen what happens when men enter women's sports.

Lia Thomas is a biological male, but he was nonetheless allowed swim against elite female competitors to win an NCAA Freestyle competition, much to the disappointment of those women who had trained so hard to compete.


Males have a natural advantage over females in the vast majority of sports, so allowing them to enter women's sports can:

  • crush the motivation of the biological girls who have worked hard to compete on a level playing field
  • put females into harm's way in contact sports and locker rooms
  • deprive women of their right to fairly compete for college scholarships and many other accolades

We all know the spectacle of Lia Thomas defeating those female swimmers was a charade, a mockery of women's sports, but now it's time to do something about it.

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This is not just about ensuring biological girls and women can compete fairly and win in their chosen sports, but it's also a major safety issue in contact sports and the dangerous use of women's locker rooms by gender-confused males.

Some of you will remember Fallon Fox, the male MMA fighter who claimed to be a woman and left his female opponent concussed and with a fractured skull.

Fox later announced on social media that he enjoys "smacking up" women who "talk transphobic nonsense."

Any reasonable person knows men shouldn't compete against women, but some people are too politically correct to take a stand and protect girls and women from this madness.

It's now time to join the growing pushback against the gender-confused lobby and their dangerous beliefs that have literally left some female competitors in the hospital.

Please SIGN this common sense petition calling on Congress to ban all males from competing in women's sport.

Future generations will look back with gratitude on those who stood on the right side of history, defending women from these very confused males.

Nothing less than a federal ban on biological males forcing their way into women's sport is enough, so this petition will be sent to all members of Congress demanding legislative action.


'Olympians, coaches, swimmers write open letter demanding NCAA protect women’s sports' -

'Female swimmer torches NCAA after losing spot to William ‘Lia’ Thomas: ‘Make the right changes’' -

'Rep. Boebert files resolution declaring female runner-up to ‘Lia’ Thomas the rightful winner' -

**Photo Credit: Fox News/YouTube screenshot

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According to Christian Concern, a spokesman for Let Us Pray, an organization working to protect pastoral activity from being criminalized, was deeply concerned by the news, noting that Welsh politicians are ignoring the reality that a broad conversion therapy ban is “un-evidenced and in many ways unworkable…The same activists who opposed the U-turn in Westminster, and are supporting Wales in its own plans, want to see the ordinary work of churches outlawed. In recent days they have reiterated that a ban must cover even ‘private prayer.’ Now the Welsh Government plans to put them on an ‘expert group’ to advise on a ban.” 

“The powers to bring forward a ban are not devolved to Wales, but the Welsh Government must now be very clear that it will respect religious freedom – including prayer, preaching, pastoral care and Christian parenting – in its new campaign,” he added. 

I suspect that religious freedom is the least of their concerns. Time—and inevitable court challenges—will tell. In the meantime, the Sexual Revolution’s ecclesiastical lapdogs—men like Dr. Rowan Williams, the former Archbishop of Canterbury—are condemning many gender dysphoric children to a lifetime of medicalization in the name of compassion. It is disgusting that a man like Boris Johnson is more aware of the dangers of gender ideology than a man who once professed to be the chief religious authority of England’s national Christian church.   

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