John Westen


Want a sneak preview of the new ‘rite of blessing for the child in the womb’?

John Westen

We reported last week that the Vatican gave approval to the “Rite for the Blessing of a Child in the Womb”.  However, the USCCB release did not contain the wording of the blessing saying only that it would be released in a booklet in time for Mother’s Day.

So here’s a sneak preview.  It is the wording as it was given to the Vatican for approval:

The blessing reads: “May almighty God, who has created new life now bless the child in your womb. The Lord has brought you the joy of motherhood: may he now bless you with a safe and healthy pregnancy. You thank the Lord today for the gift of your child: may he bring you and your child one day to share in the unending joys of heaven.”

There is also an optional blessing for parish communities welcoming a newborn:  “May God bless this parish community as it welcomes the gift of new life and joyfully accepts the responsibility of sharing in the spiritual formation of this child (or children).”

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