Round 1 definitely goes to Romney. However, if the Republicans think it’s in the bag, some with long memories of past elections strongly warn against that attitude.


John McCain warned after the debate, “Don’t underestimate Obama”. Ralph Reed told CNN’s Anderson Cooper this evening that the winner is not determined until the end. He recalled that when he was Bush’s campaign manager in the contest against John Kerry, Kerry trounced Bush in the first debate. Bush’s poll numbers went down 5% overnight. However, Bush won the election. Anything can happen in the coming debates and 32 days until the election.

Peggy Noonan had a stronger warning in the Wall Street Journal, “it’s going to get hot… And probably dirty, Chicago won’t go quietly. Be ready for trouble and able of rapid response.”

Sarah Palin warned in an interview with Bill O’Reilly,  “these guys in the Obama camp, they’re not going go down without swinging. They’re going pull something”.

After all that LifeSiteNews has discovered and written about many of Obama’s radical Acorn and Bill Ayers connected friends and other thuggish folks around him – Palin and Noonan are probably right. I wrote some time ago that this is likely to become one of the dirtiest elections in US history, and not because of Romney. U.S. conservatives have to be prepared for this stuff and not get caught unprepared. A fair election is in the best interest of the entire nation.