I am in Washington Friday and Saturday with Ben Johnson at the Family Research Council’s Values Voter Summit. This annual event is something I would encourage anyone to attend to get a boost about the vitality, depth and strong principles of the American social conservative movement. Sure, there has also been a lot of talk about economics, the military and Israel at this conference, but it is all woven around a genuine, deep and often stated love of God and understanding of the great need to defend human life and the family.

There were many moving statements and personal witnesses on Friday from individuals who have fought against the culture with courage and self sacrifice.

The Friday morning sessions with Senator Rand Paul, Actor Krik Cameron, Rep. Michelle Bachmann, Former Reagan assistant Bill Bennett, VP candidate Paul Ryan and others were impressive. Bennett’s introduction of his former aid Paul Ryan was a class act full of self deprecating humour and touching remembrances of the new rising star. At one point Bennett briefly choked up when he noted that the Ryan he met back stage has not at all changed from the young man who worked for him some years ago.

It’s great to be here. These types of conferences we consider a must to attend and report for LifeSiteNews. They give strong evidence that there is hope because of the goodness and strong determination among notable forces that love life, the family and God, without whom, they emphasize, we cannot win any of the battles ahead of us.

Steve Jalsevac