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(LifeSiteNews) – I have written very few articles in recent months, having been far too occupied in extensive news development research and other tasks related to the rapidly growing LifeSite truth mission. This will be a short one.

I beg you to watch this eight-minute video intended to motivate Australians to participate in a giant rally on August 21 to save their nation from diabolical tyranny.

It is dramatic and exceptionally revealing about what we have all been going through over the past year and several months with the internationally orchestrated campaign using COVID to attempt to soon enslave everyone on the planet. There has never been anything like it in history because of extraordinary developments in technology.

I have seen most of the included clips before, but they are put together in a way that somewhat reveals the depth of evil we are dealing with and the dire need to resist – and resist now. You must have been noticing how fast things are changing in a very worrisome and bewildering direction.

There seems to be little time left to act to stop these evil globalist’s plans from succeeding. For them, everything depends on a naïve, compliant, distracted and constantly fearful public not noticing or believing what is really being done to the world.

Caution: there is one instance of vulgar language in the video.

Take this seriously. Don’t shy away from facing it. Don’t take the fool’s road of pretending it can’t really all be happening. That will not do you or your family members any good. History should have taught all of us that lesson.

Do not deny the reality of evil in the world and the truth of all that LifeSite has been publishing since the fake, redefined “pandemic” first appeared.

There is another, even more astonishing video that we will present to you next week that reveals how we got to where we are today and a very strange event and meeting in the 1960s of two unlikely persons, who at that time laid much of the groundwork for today’s political, economic and social earthquakes.

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