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Commentary on the most significant, huge news developments

Elon Musk does it again and blasts the World Economic Forum for their overpopulation ideology on Twitter. Musk, whom we certainly don’t agree with on many things, thankfully wisely reacted to WEF darling Jane Goodall’s view that the earth would be better off with a far lower population by saying that this philosophy “is the death of humanity.”

He has frequently stated that his greatest concern is the dangerously low birth rate of the world. Wall Street Silver, an investment forum, agrees with him, saying an impending “population collapse” and “low birth rates” will be the “real problem” for the world’s future.Musk and Wall Street Silver are correct, but almost all globalists are rapidly implementing their New World Order Great Reset under the totally false, anti-human assumption that the world is vastly overpopulated.

They are dead wrong, and I use that word deliberately because they have been creating programs and conditions — including COVID itself, but especially the COVID jabs, and their global digital ID economic system, forced cutting back of farmland, forcing of artificial foods, elimination of meats, promotion of abortion, sterilization, and sterile LGBT lifestyles, and possibly even a new world war — which strongly appear intended to eliminate vast numbers of people and stop most births in order to drastically and rapidly reduce world population. They are propagandizing everyone on a massive scale in the media, in schools and from all government agencies to falsely believe that the world is doomed unless there are far fewer humans. Have you not noticed BBC Earth, Sir David Attenborough, and most other nature programs and networks dooming and glooming more than ever in almost every program now over the past few years?

They are now openly stating humans are the problem and constantly warning about rising and polluted seas, rapid melting of the Arctic and Antarctic ice sheets and glaciers around the world,  alleged decline of coral reefs, a collapsing number of polar bears and other animals, and of insects and other creatures, increased climate disasters, and on and on. All that is what is behind most of what we have been fighting for the past several decades – their alleged, false over-population claim. It is all lies, and they have been caught in most of their lies. It is either just not happening, or there are natural cycles that always come and go. 

Don’t believe any of it. This is what is behind abortion, euthanasia, the sexual revolution, the collapse of family life, and even to a large degree the collapse of faith institutions that have been infiltrated by anti-human, anti-God Marxists and Freemasons. It is an overall demonic movement.The real and far more dangerous problem is the massive decline in human birth rates that is leading to a real, not too distant, future population collapse that will threaten humanity like nothing we have ever seen in the past. Others have been warning about this demographic winter for decades. LifeSiteNews has frequently warned our readers about this and published many articles on the topic over the years. 

In other news:

Abp. Viganò has come out blazing in defence of Father Pavone, saying his laicization is “unjust and illegitimate” and feeds “a climate of terror” among clergy. God bless this courageous, truthful, and heroic bishop yet again. 

We have a moving documentary video to show you today from SilentNoMore New Zealand. It tells the story of a memorial gathering in the Civic Square in Wellington where those who have died or been severely injured from the jab were honored in a ceremony. Please find time to watch this important testimonial.

Dr. Mercola reports that ultra-processed fake food is the next step in globalist plans to destroy our health, all while trying to convince you that junk food is healthier.  

You MUST become aware of this. This is real and serious. Sadly, too many are already eating this without yet having been forced to do so.

Then there is the Ukraine/Russia/US war, which is also a war of historically unprecedented propaganda.

A Zelensky aid accuses Henry Kissinger of ‘appeasing’ Russia after he warned about the risks of the frighteningly escalating Ukraine conflict. Henry Kissinger, U.S. secretary of state under Richard Nixon, warned that working to render Russia “impotent” could end up in a dangerous spiral of power, where Russia’s collapse would allow a huge power vacuum from which new threats could come.

Hardly any Americans are aware that Russia engaged in large-scale war games early in September of this year, with a total of 14 countries from the East, including India and China, both also nuclear-armed, taking part in the exercise to prepare for just what they have been forced into right now by the United States. The initial invasion was a Sunday picnic compared to what is coming without any doubt.

We rarely agree with Henry Kissinger, but in this case, he is right. Biden is pouring tens of billions more from a bankrupt America to send even more highly advanced U.S. weapons, many of which will actually be operated by U.S. military “advisers” to Ukraine. At the same time, according to U.S. Colonel Douglas MacGregor, Russia is assembling a massive force of 500,000 to one million troops along the Ukraine border to finally end the Ukraine conflict that it never planned or wanted to go this far.

Yes, this is happening, but our media are not reporting it. There is now a strong chance that a great nuclear powers conflict, and possibly even WWIII, is only a few weeks to a few months away – mostly due to Joe Biden, the U.S. Deep State and NATO, who have been using Ukraine and its people as a proxy to take over Russia.

See below Tucker Carlson’s, no-holds-barred, disgusted reaction to Zelensky’s address to Congress yesterday and the astonishing response of both Democrats and Republicans to the speech. They all want to war against Russia.

Then there is another, similar but different video reaction from the two co-hosts of Redacted who are among those I often rely upon for reliable alternative information about the Ukraine war. Co-host Clayton Morris says of this joint Congress event and everything else around the Ukraine war, “I can’t think of a greater example of propaganda in world history.” The text under the video states, “… Zelensky’s speech to the U.S. shows us exactly how much propaganda is needed to drag this war out.” “They were applauding death.”

See our previous explosive interview and especially videos with Colonel Douglas Macgregor.  He is a former senior U.S. military strategist and presidential adviser who is obviously deeply worried about where all this is heading and fears for the U.S. and the world because of it. And he has indicated, as have many others, that the Great Reset elites are behind this looming catastrophe.

Listen to this Dec.18 interview below with Colonel Macgregor by Godfrey Bloom. Macgregor explains the insanity and futility of the US actions against Russia in Ukraine and how President Biden completely rejected the advice of the head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff of the US military, General Mark Milley, to urge a negotiated settlement with Russia to end the war because of the catastrophe the Ukrainians were facing.

In better news:

A record-setting 43 state capitols are about to display nativity scenes this Christmas. The Thomas More Society and the American Nativity Scene are helping a growing number of citizen groups to display Biblical manger scenes on government property this Christmas. Wonderful! Ultimately, this is the only solution to all the world’s problems – a turning back to God and his laws of love.

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