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FRONT ROYAL, Virginia (LifeSiteNews) – LifeSiteNews was banished from YouTube for criticizing the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, a critique that the tech giant deemed “hate-speech.” 

Despite being showered with accolades at the 95th Academy Awards ceremony, Everything Everywhere All at Once remains a threat to the pro-family movement built in part by Catholic conservatives. This film deserves a conservative pro-life rejection in defense of the culture of life. It not only assaults the Catholic Church’s teachings on homosexuality, but also shockingly attacks the Holy Eucharist.

Yet there is something even more insidious about Everything Everywhere All at Once, which represents to the core both Hollywood’s LGBT agenda and aversion to the Catholic faith

Tactics and targets 

When considered in the abstract, the film’s title both encapsulates and announces the principal strategy of the culture of death to foist its principles on the world and remake society.

Using speed, immediacy, and overwhelm as its tactics, Everything Everywhere All at Once means destroying the advances of the culture of life in the post-Trump era and replacing them with the normalization of abortion, the anti-family transgender movement, restrictions on freedom, and ultimately the rise of the New World Order.

Everything Everywhere All at Once also alerts us to the primary areas targeted by the Culture of Death: sexuality, genderism, and the Holy Eucharist.  

As we have witnessed with the World Economic Forum, globalist elites such as Klaus Schwab and Yuval Harari enjoy publicly mocking the world with their plans, brazenly proclaiming the Great Reset while letting the rest of us know, for example, that we will eat bugs, own nothing, and “be happy”.

Not this cat, but I digress.

The movie Everything Everywhere All at Once demonstrates this unabashed hubris. It is far too neatly woven together as an attack against the Catholic Church, Sacred Tradition, the Holy Eucharist, and the structures that underpin the civil society for it to be mere coincidence. 

As leaders in the pro-life and pro-family movement build the Culture of Life against Big Tech, Big Government, and the New World Order, we should know by now that true coincidences are actually quite rare—particularly in the mainstream, especially in the legacy news media and even in the Catholic Church.  

We must ask ourselves: is it a coincidence that news outlets, governments, cities, churches, and localities are now being flooded with stories sympathetic to transgenderism, LGBTQ+XYZabc, genital mutilation, and gender dysphoria à la Dylan Mulvaney?

Or is this the cleverly coordinated blitz of the elites, culminating in Everything Everywhere All at Once?

Clearly, as we have seen from the inception of the pandemic, it is the latter.

What we have witnessed and continue to see is the shocking but careful orchestration of “absolute war” upon the populace and its institutions—that is, the use of information and sensory overwhelm to create shock and awe. This smokescreen of overwhelm is then used to gaslight all people into compliance with an alarming sequence of new normals: experimental vaccines, mandates, lockdowns, social distancing, and the indiscriminate acceptance of all sexual perversion and mental infirmity are just several of the most obvious.

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Time to name names

Fortunately, regular readers and viewers of LifeSiteNews are probably the least good at absentmindedly complying with anything. Unquestioning compliance is not our strong suit, thankfully, but moving forward that mindset will be essential to our survival.

To survive, we must see to our own physical and spiritual needs but also begin to turn the tables on the powers that be. The question is: how? 

In the most recent episode of Faith and Reason, Episode 59, “Pope Francis’ Vatican more ‘woke’ than Fox News?”, Fr. Altman gives us some sound direction: we simply need to name our enemies. 

For example, it’s not simply Pfizer Corporation who perpetrated epic crimes against humanity with its abortion-tainted and poisonous vaccines, but the company’s Chief Executive Officer, Chief Corporate Affairs Officer, Chief Global Supply Officer, Board of Directors, other top executives and employees. What are their names? Who are these people?

Albert Bourla, Sally Susman, and Mike McDermott, for starters.

All of them—all of these individuals and their accomplices—need to be named and identified.

The moment has come to put forward a focused, public effort to call out each of the so-called elites–one by one–to account for their actions. It is time for these individuals to pay for what they have done, to reap what they have sown. Governments will not do this until the populace begins the process for them. 

The primary reason many globalist elites and their allies think they can control humanity is that they believe they can hide within their respective groups. This obscurity empowers them to operate behind the names of the corporate and government monsters they serve without fear of reprisal. Currently, they can make their money before running away like vandals after burning society and its institutions to the ground. 

Yet the moment these individuals are brought out from darkness and isolated into the light is the moment that justice can be served and cultural sanity restored. While the truth has been making an appearance today, principally in alternative media like LifeSiteNews, now is the time for even greater courage and a deluge of truths to be trumpeted in public.

We have been betrayed by institutions and people that ask daily for our trust. It is now time to expose them and return to mankind some measure of what has been taken.  

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Nick Marmalejo is a journalist for LifeSiteNews. He has earned an M.A. in Education from University of Bath (U.K.) and graduated from Christendom College with a degree in History. Prior to joining LifeSiteNews, Nick most recently worked for Seton Home Study School as a history teacher and then director of its high school guidance department. Nick was also the editor of the inspirational pro-life periodical Celebrate Life magazine from 2003-2005. Nick’s interests include chess, construction, and old tools. He currently resides in Strasburg, Virginia with his wife and five children.