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March 5 and 21 – I have added clarifications to sentences misunderstood by some readers and additional material to help further understanding of the dangers and other implications of this conflict.

Help Ukrainians survive the war: LifeFunder

(LifeSiteNews) – This is an edited version of what I wrote to our LifeSite team very early yesterday morning. It explains my personal concern, after exposure to hundreds of articles and videos, that we do not become part of the hate and warmongering that could make things catastrophically far worse than the current death numbers from the war in Ukraine. That is the only reason that myself and some others are urging extreme caution. This is LifeSite – we want to save lives, especially initially Ukrainian lives in this instance.

This should not be taken as an official LifeSite position.

Please accept my apologies in advance if I have gotten anything wrong in this analysis. Time is running out and I felt something urgently had to be written to offer a hopefully useful alternative view to diffuse a potential global nightmare occurring from this war. I don’t think there is anything in the globalist-controlled legacy media on the war that we can trust.

I have not lived in any wars but have seen very many as they have gone on during my lifetime and personally lived through frightening past threats of Soviet nuclear annihilation when we foolishly practiced hiding under our school desks in case we were attacked by a nuclear bomb. It was frightening.

Also related is what we have learned about the grave threat to everyone from the globalist power elites and their determination to impose an evil New World Order and digital ID slavery upon everyone on the planet.

Ukraine, which is being pushed to seek globalist EU membership, and Russia, said by some to be the one remaining serious obstacle to the demonic globalist scheme, may both also be threatened by those who have cold-heartedly killed millions via their unnecessary and destructive Covid lies, mandates, and deadly injections.

* March 18: However, since first writing this article, I have learned that Russia itself has heavily implemented WEF Covid, New World Order policies. That has been puzzling because of the strong emphasis by Putin and others in Russia on renewing Russian religious and other traditional culture and Putin’s frequent emphasis on defending Russia’s borders and his condemnation of western LGBT policies and overall family destruction. All those are the reverse of what WEF leaders promote.

The current war

Tucker Carlson’s Monday, Feb. 28 program on the Ukraine conflict was frightening. Please watch it. He is adept at conveying hard realities and that the absolute worst could happen if the Biden admin and others make some very bad decisions.

Two more are from Epoch Times –  an interview with Lee Smith, Did Democrats’ Secret Deals with Ukraine Put America on Road to Conflict with Russia, and especially the sobering interview, Gordon Chang: Russia’s Ukraine Invasion Could Trigger World War III, As China Projects Militarily

Those two are also essential viewing.

After all of my research, including what I heard from Carlson, Lee, and especially Chang, for the first time I am now fearing the very worst as a real possibility.

Putin appears to not only be acting against Ukraine.  He is also engaged in this horrific invasion because he is responding to what he keeps claiming is a growing threat to Russia and the Russian-speaking people in Ukraine from those allied with NATO, the U.S. Deep State and perhaps also New World Order globalists such as George Soros and The WEF’s Klaus Schwab who seem to have a considerable negative influence on Ukraine. The main factor of course has been the historical dominance of Ukraine by Russia, especially the former Soviet Union that was responsible for the deaths of millions of innocent Ukrainians.

It does not so much matter how very wrong Putin is, although it is crucial to recognize that the invasion is indeed unjustifiable. What matters most for saving the maximum number of lives via diplomatic peace negotiations, is a full, agreed-upon, public understanding of what Putin would accept to immediately end this war.

All parties involved, either behind the scenes, such as the USA, possibly Geoge Soros and others who are said to have a large influence on Ukrainian President Zelensky, and those publicly involved in Ukraine, such as Zelensky himself, Putin and the Ukrainian people, might then best be able to achieve a desperately needed settlement to end all war and killing in Ukraine and the need for any to flee Ukraine as refugees.

Desperate need to save the maximum number of lives

There appears to be is a fierce international media and political campaign to totally suppress viewing, reading or discussing any of Putin’s own video-recorded, stated reasons for his invasion. That suppression makes fully understanding Putin and trying to determine a best response almost impossible.

During WWII, Hitler’s long harangues were available to all the public. From those, it was easy for the wide public to determine that a negotiated settlement was impossible and that total resistance was the only option.

How can we save all the lives that would be lost by a protracted war if there is not at least a serious attempt to first permit all the people to fully know from Putin himself what his complaints are and then what his demands are in order to consider if a negotiated settlement is possible? From all that I have seen it appears Putin could be open to a settlement that would not necessarily cripple or enslave Ukraine or involve a permanent occupation by Russian forces.

I realize I have no business telling anyone in Ukraine what to do in response to this invasion under which they are suffering. I am just hoping with all my heart that my poor offerings may be of some help to prevent far greater suffering, not only in Ukraine, but also in many other nations should this war expand into a WWIII. In that respect, which many are warning is a very real possibility, this war is of huge concern to everyone in the world.

Unfortunately, Ukraine and its mostly wonderful Christian people are caught in the middle of what many analysts see is an incredibly dangerous, complicated chess game engineered by powerful, very wealthy global elites such as George Soros, the Bidens, Clintons, Nato, as well as Putin. I am suspecting that most of them don’t care what happens to the people in either of these two warring nations.

Part of a potential global nightmare?

I say all of this especially because of what we have seen over the past two years regarding everything Covid. There has been a growing mountain of evidence that the oppressive Covid tyranny has been a deliberately intended global nightmare. And they are making it clear that they intend this New World Order to continue, even for centuries throughout the world. It is in many ways similar to the past global Nazi plan, including creating a super race and literally eliminating from life all who are considered to be inferior.

There seems to be among the deeply corrupt media, Democrats, too many Republicans, Justin Trudeau and EU leaders, a reckless, horribly dangerous mood of overconfidence and underestimation of what the Russians and their Chinese allies can and will do. The Western forces are treating Russia as though it is just another Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan or Libya. All of those were nothing compared with today’s Russia, which might otherwise eventually be a natural ally against Communist China.

Russia is not the great power that the Soviet Union was and cannot put together anything like the ground forces that the Soviet Union could have. However, Putin has some exotic weapons that could cause unimaginable devastation. And then, there is modern, heavily armed China with all its new weapons. China looming in the background is an unprecedented, massive power of which we have limited knowledge and experience.

The U.S. has never had previous experience in direct, active fighting against an advanced nuclear power that also has other powerful non-nuclear weapons. We came close to such a major conflict in the past, but thanks be to God, it never happened due to serious diplomatic efforts and give and take on both sides.

Putin gave a highly unusual, explicit warning about how he would respond to other nations if they interfered in this war, and he has repeated it. He clearly means what he said, and he said it because he appears confident that this time he can do what he says.

It looks like Russia will not back down yet again.

There is no Kennedy or Reagan this time. There is now a pathetic, immoral U.S.-clown president who has dramatically crippled his nation and especially his military, although the US does still have a large number of incredibly powerful, if somewhat outdated in many cases, weapons. Europe is a mess and impotent. The U.S. is no longer in a position of as overwhelming strength, as it appeared to have in the past, and that must be Putin’s sense of things.

I presume that is especially because of not only his confidence in some of his recently acquired highly advanced nuclear and other weaponry but even more so because of his alliance with Communist China, which now has the world’s largest and most modern navy — among other frightening military strengths. It is really China that we must fear the most.

Putin originally did not want war. That is, he says he has been trying for years to obtain promised relief from advancing NATO encirclement, and he has indicated this war has become his last resort.

Watch him explain here the many times the West allegedly broke serious agreements made with Russia after the breakup of the Soviet Union and Russia did nothing each time. He goes on, in his response to a journalist, to emphasize his determination to not let it happen again if Ukraine, the nation with the longest Russia/Ukraine border, is about to, as he claims, illegally become yet another NATO threat to Russia. This history is essential for understanding the current war.

He has previously indicated that he did not even want to go as far as he has now done. He made it plain that he wanted to expand his Ukraine controls to the buffer of the Ukraine Russian population regions because of 15 years of repeatedly failed Minsk accord negotiations.

It now appears his goal has changed to one of taking over all of Ukraine. But Russia does not have the military numbers and other resources to permanently occupy more than perhaps the Eastern parts of Ukraine. The only thing that seems to make sense is that he wants to install a pro-Russia Ukraine government and then leave most of Ukraine.

Putin and China

This article, Putin’s Spiritual destiny, provides some other key insights as to why Putin is now going after the entire nation and especially Kiev. Hardly any Westerners understand Russian orthodox spirituality which is a key element to Putin’s decision-making.

However, China wants far, far more. China is our ultimate world enemy. They have explicitly stated they want hegemony over a large part of the world. They mean it as we can see from their frenetic advanced weapons development. Taiwan is almost certain to be invaded at any time.

We will eventually need Russia if we have any hope of stopping China’s ambitious goals. It seems well on the way to achieving them. Biden is in no position to place all Americans into a potentially catastrophic game of chicken with a military force and ally that are almost certain to destroy the U.S. if he acts as though Putin does not mean what he said.

The need to do everything to avoid a far greater war

There are too many crazy, incompetent criminals in and around the White House and newly put in charge of the U.S. military by Biden at this time who have no understanding of history and skillful diplomacy. We must hope and pray that great prudence and wisdom will somehow prevail all around. It’s not looking good at the moment though.

Let’s above all pray a great deal and avoid all temptation to hate, and that includes thinking the absolute worst of our enemies. It does not seem unreasonable, from speeches that he has made, to assume that there is some spark of humanity left in Putin and especially that much prayer can cause miraculous things to happen.

Again, we must take the position of assuming, I believe, that Putin will do what he says he will do if there is no significant compromise from those he fears. He is doing this because he is afraid for his country – at least that is what he has kept saying for years.

But at the same time, we should above all hope that a greater war can still be avoided if all concerned, and that includes us, do not assume that our opponents are devils who cannot be reasoned with.

Putin has made appeals and efforts to not start or continue this war. The few I have watched seemed sincere, but maybe that has all been theatre. In those talks, he was not originally committed to sending his troops into all of Ukraine.

I am in no way supporting what he has done. It is of course very wrong. Period.

This is not at all a just war as our Gualberto Garcia Jones has well-explained in his article. However, few whom I know have seen it as being just, so that is not the big question, but it still needed to be emphasized.

Hate for Russia will harm efforts for peace

Many rant and desire to generate more hate for Russia and Putin, but more hate for Russia will only make peace less possible. We cannot pray for a person or nation whom we hate. We are commanded to pray for and somehow love our enemies, regardless of the evil that they do.

We can stay determined to be right and to destroy Putin, but if that leads to many millions, or hundreds of millions, or billions of deaths from a war cascade, our Lord will not be pleased with us for not placing the highest priority on the way he has commanded. Our focus should be on our own personal behavior and judgment according to how we have responded to this catastrophe in Ukraine.

That does not mean that Ukraine and our countries should not defend themselves against an unjust aggressor. Active resistance to an unjust invader is an obligation, but prudential judgments, in this nuclear era, are a grave obligation.

It does not appear that Ukraine can possibly defeat Russia, except with the active, direct involvement of the US and other western powers which would create a serious risk of a greater war with the result of vastly more deaths and destruction. A direct US/Russia confrontation can’t be the right thing to do in my view and that of many others whom I have read and heard. No one would be a winner in such a war, except for those who always seem to profit from wars.

Constant high emotions almost always lead to terrible outcomes in wars.

I can’t help but notice how controlled and unemotional Putin seems to have been in his talks about this overall issue. That is not meant to be a compliment. Just interesting, compared to other leaders. American news networks are claiming Putin has gone crazy and is emotionally ill. Even Fox personalities are spouting this foolish nonsense all day. That is self-defeating propaganda of no possible benefit to achieving peace.

There has been recent U.S. media and political talk of forcing regime change in Russia. That could very well have been a significant strategic goal for some time of the US Deep State and their military and intelligence agencies who have a long history of attempting regime changes. For many years they have had an intense preoccupation with Russia as the bogeyman for everything.

We have especially seen that during the Trump years. It’s really dangerous war-mongering guaranteed to further provoke Putin and to what real benefit? Who would be making the decisions on such a forced change which we and the Russian people could trust?

I do sometimes wonder if the US military-industrial complex secretly loves Russia because of all the shiny new weapons programs they have been able to get funding for as a result of the lasted Russia fear-mongering over one development or another.

We must hope and act as though peace can still be attained, regardless of what has happened so far.

The alternative is unthinkable. May God help us all – especially, but not only, Putin – to do the right thing.


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