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(LifeSiteNews) — 2024 started off with a bang. I don’t mean something negative; I mean something really positive.

If you haven’t seen it yet, you’ve got to go check out the Focus Catholic Conference. They had 20,000 young people in America at this SEEK 2024 conference!

Now I want you to know something. In this video, you’re going to notice that this is very traditional. All of the ministers there, the altar boys and whatnot, are all in cassocks, very traditional black with a white surplice on. You’ll notice there are no women altar servers. You’ll also notice that there’s incense! There’s traditional music. And believe it or not, no women readers as well.

In addition to that, you’ll notice they’re singing together – in Latin!

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Not only that, they are kneeling. In addition, they have traditional adoration. In fact, the priest is going around with a monstrance, and people are kneeling down and getting his blessing.

Who do you have celebrating this Mass? Who do you have offering the Mass? Do you have Cardinal Cupich? Do you have Cardinal McElroy? Nope. You have a very conservative Catholic bishop, Sam Aquila, whom I’ve been pleased and honored to meet many years ago now. But here is this very conservative, very orthodox bishop. Listen to what he’s preaching about:

John the Baptist points to Jesus Christ. And you and I live post-life, death, resurrection, and ascension of Jesus. We, too, are sent out into a world that is dark: a world torn by war, a world that is rejecting God, a world that is a mess. And … some, even within the Church, listen more to the voice of the world because the devil has captured them. They, too, rather than proclaiming the power of the Gospel, the healing that Jesus Christ brings, proclaim only chaos and confusion. But that is not the Gospel.

Did you catch that? He’s speaking about chaos “even within the Church.” Everybody there, all those 20,000 young people, they understand exactly what he’s talking about. And check this out, here is his prescription for everyone: it’s to evangelize, to proselytize, to go out and spread the truth of Jesus Christ.

As you go into the world and back to your universities or to your parishes, simply find one other person who does not know Jesus Christ, and become like John the Baptist. Be light for the world. Point to Jesus and bring that person to the encounter with Jesus. Like John the Baptist, all we can do is point and proclaim the truth and leave all in the hands of the Trinity.

Isn’t that beautiful? That’s why I can tell you there is hope for the Church. Because in the world of the left-leaning Father James Martin, Cardinal Cupich, Cardinal McElroy, Pope Francis, etc., there’s no future. There’s future in the beauty and tradition of the Church – and these 20,000 young people and the Focus ministry speak to that. God bless them.

For LifeSiteNews, this is John-Henry Westen. May God bless you and all your families in 2024.

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