A while back a European condom company released an advertisement that horrified pretty much anyone with a scrap of decency left.

The ad shows a man with his young son in a grocery store. After the child repeatedly puts a bag of candy into the grocery cart, and his father repeatedly puts it back, the child breaks into a hysterical tantrum, throwing himself on the ground, and screaming at the top of his lungs.

As the camera zooms in on the father’s exasperated face, two words come up on the screen: “use condoms.”

The message is pretty clear: children are annoying, and this father would be better off if his son hadn’t been born.

Pretty awful stuff, huh?

Well, not to Planned Parenthood. As part of my job I follow Planned Parenthood on Twitter. And today Planned Parenthood of North Carolina posted the video for this ad, saying: “We found this funny condom commercial that really sends the point home smile

I don’t know what “point” the abortion giant thinks the condom ad sends home, except that children are a major killjoy and a most unwelcome consequence of sex. Unfortunately, however, this wasn’t the first time that I’ve seen Planned Parenthood post this video, with similar remarks about how “funny” it is.

Pro-lifers have long pointed out that Planned Parenthood seems to view pregnancy as a “disease” to be cured. In fact, just recently Planned Parenthood’s senior director for medical services, Deborah Nucatola, made the following statement:

“Half of all pregnancies that happen in the U.S. every year are unintended. And if we could prevent an epidemic of this proportion, that should be justification enough that contraception is preventive care.” [emphasis added]

LSN blogger Daniel McConchie responded to this remark yesterday, pointing out how absurd it is to call pregnancy an “epidemic”:

While unintended pregnancies may be…well, unintended, they certainly shouldn’t be unexpected. There is, after all, only one way that unintended pregnancies occur and (except in cases of rape and incest) there is a choice that can be made beforehand that can and often does result in pregnancy.

And, like a surprise gift, while pregnancies may sometimes be unexpected, that does not mean they are unwelcome. For most people, the surprise of a pregnancy becomes the delightful anticipation of a glorious event. And for those young women who need assistance to prepare for the unexpected, pregnancy care centers and organizations of all kinds exist just to help welcome a life into the world.

He adds:

For Planned Parenthood, pregnancy is an epidemic that only the government can cure through increased funding for contraception as preventative care.

Planned Parenthood’s trumpeting of this awful condom commercial as “funny” is just the latest piece of evidence to suggest that McConchie’s analysis isn’t far off the mark.