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What pro-life gains are you thankful for this Thanksgiving?

Jill Stanek

Happy Thanksgiving!

In total, Rich and I will celebrate the holiday three times by Saturday!

Last weekend we combined business with pleasure, flying to Dallas to tape an episode of Life Dynamics’ Life Talk (more on that later) and then celebrating an early Thanksgiving with daughter Daena, son-in-law Andy, and baby Levi.

Our time together was made even more special because Andy’s parents Peter and Michelle were also there, having flown to the U.S. on November 13. You will recall Andy is from New Zealand, and his mom and dad had never met Daena or their first grandson.  So we all spent a lovely weekend bonding and ewwing and ahhing over baby. Here’s a photo of us after church…

But back to my question, I was thinking this morning how thankful I am that abortion clinics are closed on Thanksgiving. That’s a pro-life victory. What’s more, I’m sure several mothers are reflecting on this family day and reconsidering the abortion appointment they’ve made.

What pro-life gains are you thankful for today?

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