Yesterday I wrote about the always-hilarious media bias surrounding the March for Life. I said that a CNN anchor’s questioning in 2010 whether there were more pro-aborts or pro-lifers at the March for Life was probably the most laughable example of anti-March for Life media bias in all of history.

Turns out I was wrong. That award now goes to CBS Washington.

CBS’s photo spread of the March begins in a very promising fashion, with the headline: “Activists Hold Annual March For Life On Roe v. Wade Anniversary.” So far so good. Kudos to CBS for bucking the trend of media bias and reporting on the news, however uncomfortable it might be. So let’s just go ahead and get a good look at these crazed anti-choice extremists, shall we?

And then come five photos. And…every…single…one…of them…is of a tiny group of about half a dozen pro-aborts. Nary a pro-lifer to be seen. Not a single one. Anywhere. Just pro-aborts.

(Media bias? What media bias?)

It’s not like there was a gigantic sea of pro-lifers holding an exuberant and really loud rally a few steps away, right? I mean, no one could actually miss that? Certainly not the sort of snazzy, professional, seasoned news reporter and photographer that CBS must employ.

The March for Life sure has gone to the dogs in the last few years, if it looks like this:

Instead of this:


Oh, wait, it says here that that is a photo of this year’s March for Life. How could the CBS photographer have possibly missed that? Anyone?….Anyone?….Bueller?


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