UPDATE: A bored staffer at NARAL evidently glanced at the Flickr homepage, choked, and started clicking the delete button. The game is on. Keep posting and more importantly, sharing!

Update 2: Need a video tutorial? Here is a step-by-step offered by a kind pro-lifer.

Update 3: The enemy fire has been heavy, but during a lull around 4:15 pm, 11 of 12 of the top photos were pro-life – a glimpse at the real proportion of submissions. Awesome! Keep posting and sharing!

Update 4: Victory: Pro-lifers officially took over NARAL’s Flickr photostream at about 4:30 pm, when the entire first page was pro-life – except one somewhat dowdy pic of a pro-abort guy for appropriate contrast.  Since then, the musket shot has changed to cannon fire, with the whole page fluctuating in a push-and-pull of pro-life and pro-choice. (Full page image here.)

A few pro-aborts have started challenging the insurgents, telling us members of the “Taliban” to stop “silencing women.” NARAL is apparently deleting those too. And Live Action has now joined the mix – hang on to your socks.

Update 5 (5/26): Last evening, Prochoiceamerica’s photostream had 188 pages, 60 of them solidly pro-life.

This morning, there are over 2,200.

Amid many spam and repeat images, a lot of pro-lifers have been joyful, personal, and creative, giving a real response to NARAL’s campaign – including some who printed out NARAL’s sign with improved messages.

This was not simply for the sake of getting NARAL’s goat. Every true pro-lifer knows that this conquest of babies was launched in the hopes that even one woman, whether pregnant now or one day in the future, will accidentally see these images – and choose to save one priceless life when she would otherwise have chosen death.

One pro-lifer has got the right idea regarding NARAL Pro-Choice America’s new media campaign to gather as many faces as possible to give their abortion push a more personal oomph.

Here is the original campaign pitch:

Anti-choice senators are preparing to move the War on Women forward with legislation that will deny women access to everything from birth control to cancer screenings to the right to choose safe, legal abortion.

Join our photo petition today.

Make a sign. Make a sign from scratch or download and print out our sign.

Take a picture of yourself holding the sign. You can use your camera, a webcam, or even a photo from your phone is fine!

Email your picture to [email protected] – a unique address that will automatically upload your photo to NARAL Pro-Choice America’s Flickr site. (You can use the subject line to give your photo a title and the body to add a description.)

Voila! a face for the pro-choice cause. Couldn’t be easier. But as great as social media is, there are a few contingencies.

Here is how a Virginia pro-lifer interpreted the call (original image here):

“What caught my eye about this one was that the subject was ‘Putting a face to our cause,’ and I had just been reading from Pope Benedict that the reason people can choose abortion is that they don’t see a face,” she says.


What are you waiting for? Join the fun!