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Aborted baby obtained by Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising from Washington Surgi-Clinic

Editor’s note: WARNING. The following article contains images of babies who have been aborted. These images are positioned at the end of the article.

(LifeSiteNews) — On March 25, 2022, a truck driver who works for the biomedical waste company hired to dispose of children aborted at the Washington Surgi-Clinic looked the other way to give pro-life sidewalk counselor Lauren Handy the opportunity to take two boxes. Stuffed inside the medical waste containers within were the remains of 115 children. A.J. Hurley, a Californian pro-life activist, drove down to help her and her companions, members of the group Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, and to photograph the bodies. It was a surreal experience, Hurley said. The women “were beside themselves.” As they photographed the babies, the activists frequently broke down, but to photograph the children was to validate their existence. 

“You look at these bodies – it felt cold, it felt sterile, it felt dark, there was a sense of abandonment,” Hurley told me. “My mind couldn’t separate the depravity of what I was witnessing from the image-bearers of God it happened to. It was pure evil. Something so pure being treated in such a wicked way – I remember leaving the room, just beside myself, thinking: I will never be the same. Everything inside of me is energized to fight this evil. I hope these pictures will break the spell our country is under.” 

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Of the 115 children, 110 were buried in an undisclosed cemetery; the five late-term children were reported to the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department’s Homicide Unit, which came to Handy’s house and picked up the bodies. Despite physician testimony indicating that the children were likely killed beyond the legal limit (what a phrase), the Metropolitan Police Department declared that they wouldn’t be commissioning autopsies: “Those fetuses were aborted in accordance with D.C. law, so we are not investigating this incident along those lines. There doesn’t seem to be anything criminal in nature about that now except for how they got into this house.” 

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Where do aborted babies go after they are killed? Where were the 115 children killed in Cesare Santangelo’s clinic and boxed up in little buckets headed on the biomedical waste truck? A press release issued by Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising on October 17 offers a gut-wrenching answer. Curtis Bay Medical Waste, “the facility responsible for transporting the box of 115 aborted babies found by PAUU last year, was fined $1.7 million for a criminal penalty after pleading guilty to over 40 charges related to environmental violations.” Among these violations were “failing to properly incinerate medical waste before dumping it into landfills.” Those 115 babies that PAUU took from the truck driver? They were on the way to be incinerated – burned – for fuel to “provide energy to residents of Baltimore.”

Where do aborted babies go after they are killed? Many of them, it turns out, are burned. As PAUU reported: “Curtis Bay has a long history of collecting and burning aborted babies for energy in the Baltimore area. They are the leading medical waste pick up service for abortion facilities in the DMV area. These 40 charges were all related to the improper disposal and treatment of medical waste, including fetal remains. One of the investigators on the case was quoted saying, Our evidence shows that they knew they were failing to do what they were required to do. They failed, and they were caught.’” The reality behind that summary is the specter of a waste company dumping half-burned babies into a garbage dump. Our society, however, permits killing the babies – it just demands that they are properly incinerated once they’ve been murdered. 

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“Any step towards justice for the babies murdered by Cesare Santangelo is a victory for the pro-life movement,” said Caroline Smith, executive director of PAUU. “Curtis Bay is a collaborator in the pervasive mass murder of abortion, and they must be held accountable for burning the bodies of thousands of aborted human beings. Curtis Bay must be shut down and their assets must be liquidated for the good of the community.” PAAU founder Terrisa Bukovinac, one of the activists who found the box of the aborted babies, stated, “I know first hand that Curtis Bay burns aborted children because I intercepted a box of baby remains outside an all-term DC abortion business bound for a Curtis Bay incinerator. Curtis Bay must be held accountable for exposing the Baltimore community to toxic incinerated human bodies.” 

Somehow, accountability for “exposing the Baltimore community to toxic incinerated human bodies” seems like a criminally flaccid response to the fact that we are – well, burning babies. Babies with perfect hands and feet; with faces and eyes and little mouths. They weren’t biomedical waste. They were people – but we burned them anyway. God have mercy on us.  


More images of the five babies aborted at the Washington Surgi-Clinic can be found here.


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