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The big news has been the shocking action taken by the Vatican against pro-life champion priest, Fr. Frank Pavone. We have personally known Fr. Frank for at least 20 years, and some of us have spent much time with him. Most of the vaguely-stated charges are old ones resurrected again and which we cannot believe are justified cause for the extreme action taken against Fr. Pavone. There are clergy at all levels who have done vastly worse things (see below) and not had such harsh action taken against them. We published 5 articles to cover every aspect of this travesty here, here, here, here and here, which includes a video of Fr. Pavone’s detailed, calm response to all the accusations against him. You really should watch it.

There is nothing new about Catholic bishops wanting to shut down the work of the world’s most effective pro-life priest, especially during the Francis papacy, that has hugely downgraded the very high priority the Church has traditionally given to preaching and acting against abortion. I have heard numerous first-hand stories from solid, pro-life Catholic priests who were treated in shocking, Mafia-like fashion by their bishops and/or other chancery personnel. So, I can understand why Fr. Pavone has had to take certain measures to protect his ministry and all his dedicated staff from potentially predatory bishops. Of course, not all bishops are that way, but you would be shocked by how many and who are, at least in today’s Catholic Church, even at the highest levels.

A recent Rasmussen Reports poll found that of the nearly 7 in 10 American adults who say they’ve received the COVID-19 vaccine, 7% reported major side effects from the jab.  That is an astounding 12 million people who experienced that reaction to a “safe and effective” jab that was neither. Nothing like this has ever occurred in the past, and yet the public is still being strongly urged to take this dangerous medication. Now, are doubters finally convinced that something sinister is going here? But then, they will probably never see any honest reporting on this poll. Another good reason to spread the word about and support LifeSiteNews.

John-Henry Westen interviews Dr. Peter McCullough and LifeSite’s Patrick Delaney, who explain the new dangers for the unvaxxed amid the still on-going, criminal global COVID jab push.

Along the same line, 4 Republican senators betrayed American troops is a dreadful way by blocking the reinstatement of unvaccinated troops into the military allegedly because they should never go against “direct order from commanding officers.” Well, what if those orders seriously threatened the health and violated the consciences of those many thousands of troops, which is exactly the case here. These RINOs have been notoriously disturbing during the Biden presidency in helping the likely still Obama-controlled Democrats destroy America, its military and its economic security. There is no reason at all for ANY troops to be jabbed and plenty of very serious reasons to entirely halt all COVID jabbing, especially considering all the latest solid information about how deadly these inoculations really are.

U.S. Colonel Douglas Macgregor will likely blow your socks off with his many comments on the Ukraine war. What this astonishingly well-informed, highly-experienced military professional has been saying for the past several months completely contradicts everything we have all been seeing and hearing from mainstream media and government spokesmen in the west. He fully supports our original suspicions that there is much more to this conflict than we have been told, it is definitely related to the World Economic Forum and its Great Reset plans, the United States has played a major role in causing and worsening the war and has now placed all of Europe and even America in great danger of a global, great powers nuclear conflict.  This article, original interview and included videos are massively important. I could write pages on this but will leave it to you to investigate for now.

There is the Fr. Pavone situation, and then there are the revelations about a morally sick “key figure” and Jesuit priest in Rome, Fr. Rupnik, who a former nun revealed was guilty of frequent satanic sexual abuses with up to 20 nuns and is apparently still permitted to have his priestly faculties. Apparently credible allegations that Pope Francis intervened within “hours” to lift the excommunication Rupnik incurred have still not been addressed by the Vatican. Why does this kind of thing keep happening over and over again in the Francis papacy while good priests like Fr. Pavone, and good bishops, are persecuted and removed?

We keep writing and warning about the immorality and serious problems related to the “evil” IVF industry. Snake-oil salesmen sell unsuspecting infertile couples into heavily investing in and going through the difficult and humiliating trials of trying to conceive a child through a process that they are not told has only a 1 percent success rate. A major problem is that very few religious leaders actively preach about and oppose IVF.

I was in Rome, for instance, for a 2-day conference on IVF organized at the Vatican in 2012. All of the speakers spoke positively about IVF except for Dr. Thomas Hilgers who dismissed IVF as ineffective, costly and unethical compared to the more natural and more successful Napro Technology method. He was angry at the end of the conference and let it be known to all there.

More Twitter files have been released about the extraordinary corruption of government agencies using Twitter to affect elections and otherwise illegally and immorally influence and mold public opinion. We can thank Elon Musk for this information, although the intense heat put on him for just trying to be an honest company owner has led to him resigning as the CEO of his latest business acquisition. Emails reveal that Twitter participated in monthly meetings with the Department of Justice (DOJ) and the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, as well as with the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). This is mind-boggling corruption, with all the law enforcement agencies being the criminals and leaving no one left to charge and convict the criminals – themselves. The worst part is that this is almost certain to have also been happening in all the other social media giants.

Lastly, the premier of Canada’s province of Saskatchewan has delivered a wonderful, Christ-centered Christmas message to the people of his province. We should cheer such political personalities when they do something like this.

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