She also does her latest hit Miracle, which she says is not delivering an anti-abortion or a pro-life message.

“I didn’t sing it with that in mind,” she explains. “I think about the air we breathe, the earth we live on. I think about our children. I think about a lot of things, things God put here for us to have, things that we need and we take for granted. I think all of these things are miracles and I think we should try to take better care of them,” she notes.

~ now-deceased singer Whitney Houston in an interview featured in the June 24, 1991 issue of Jet Magazine.

But according to Wikipedia:

The song is about a girl who had an abortion but later feels she made a mistake. In an interview at that time, Houston acknowledged the song was indeed about abortion and praised Babyface for digging so deep with the song’s lyrical content. Not wanting to alienate any fans, however, the video for the song doesn’t stick with the subject, instead showing Houston singing and various photographs injected periodically.

Below are partial lyrics for the song:

How could I throw away a miracle?
How could I face another day?
It’s all of my doing, I made a choice
And today, I pay
My heart is full of pain

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