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Who should we really be talking to about abortion?

Rick Sadowski

Did you know that 46% of all abortions are performed on college-aged women?  Did you also know that most people’s views on abortion are decided during their college years?

The most important discussions regarding abortion and the message of Life need to occur on college campuses.
  Creating this conversation can give hope to a young woman facing an unexpected pregnancy or change a student’s view of human rights to include preborn children.

Bringing this discussion to those most likely to have an abortion and to those whose opinions are being formed on the issue is exactly the mission of Students for Life of America. 

We strive to do more than to just start the discussion, but work to equip student pro-life leaders to lead the discussion on their own campus by starting campus clubs, hosting educational events, and bringing in thought-provoking speakers.

Since 2006, SFLA has been on college campuses across the United States training and providing resources to student leaders.  Today, SFLA works with over 550 student groups dedicated to educating other students about abortion and helping young mothers.

This year, SFLA has hired four full-time Field Agents who live, eat, and breathe pro-life activism in their assigned region of the country, consisting of 2-3 states.  We have Field Agents in New York/New Jersey, California/Arizona/Nevada and Missouri/Arkansas/Mississippi.  SFLA also has a Field Agent solely dedicated to U.S. Medical Schools.

On this blog, we will be regularly posting some of the inspiring stories and miracles that our Field Agents encounter daily on college campuses.

Students for Life of America is grateful for this opportunity to share with you the great work that SFLA Field Agents and pro-life students accomplish every day for the preborn and their mothers.

I encourage you to follow our blog here on LifeSiteNews.com as well as our blog at StudentsforLife.org.

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