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Members of the Belgian police sealed off the entrance to the venue, not allowing anyone to enter on Day 1 of The National Conservatism Conference at the Claridge on April 16, 2024 in Brussels, BelgiumOmar Havana/Getty Images

(LifeSiteNews) — The outrageous attempts of government officials in Brussels, Belgium, to repeatedly shut down a gathering of conservatives in the city that serves as the capital of the European Union has thrust the term “National Conservatism” into the headlines.

Their desperate, apoplectic last-minute efforts to suppress the meeting of National Conservatives backfired, yielding far more international attention for the conference than it would have otherwise garnered.

Instead of killing the conference before it had even begun, the events in Brussels surrounding the conference “powerfully exposed progressive authoritarianism across Europe’s capital.” Brussels had in fact revealed itself to be a “gangster state.”

Those actions this week raise an important question: Why are leftist European elites – as well as their counterparts in North America – deathly afraid of the nascent, ever-widening National Conservative movement?

The answer is simple: “National Conservatism” offers the only plausible means of undoing the ravages that tyrannical, totalitarian Marxist influence that has infiltrated the free world since the fall of the Berlin Wall and continues to inflict within the Western world.

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The movement recognizes that the only force powerful enough to hold back and defeat this now dominant political force in the Western world today – best described as “woke neo-Marxism,” a belief system in which there is no room for God, and which generally rejects all forms of tradition as evil – is the restoration of public life deeply rooted in biblical Christianity.

In other words, National Conservatism (NatCon) – and the closely-related “Christian Nationalism” movement which holds that in order to produce the most good, all of life, including public life, ought to be Christian – is the sole existential threat facing globalists seeking to establish a new world order.

Michael Knowles summed it up very succinctly at NatCon 3 in Orlando in September, 2022: “Christian Nationalism is the opposite of atheist globalism.”

‘National Conservatism is now the resistance’

“Our ideological enemies have shown that it is, in fact, the Left that is intolerant and oppressive and a threat to democracy and a dictatorial risk to freedom,” declared Melanie Phillips, columnist for The Times of London as the NatCon Brussels conference drew to a close.

“And National Conservatism is now the resistance,” she added.

“Today, being a conservative is the most revolutionary thing there is,” observed conservative Italian publisher and columnist Francesco Giubilei.

Conservatives have failed to conserve anything at all

Whereas globalist elites preach a secular “gospel,” calling for the continued forward march – let’s be honest: it’s better characterized as a “goose step” – of anti-human progressive ideals, NatCons recognize that Western civilization will be rescued only if conservatives themselves begin with a massive heartfelt repentance at personal, communal, and national levels for our complicity. Only if conservatives ask themselves, “What did I personally do to bring about this situation that we’re in now?” can we begin to restore that which we have forsaken.

“It should be clear by now that old guard conservatism is of no use to us whatsoever,” noted speaker N.S. Lyons, an analyst and commentator. “They’ve failed to conserve anything at all.”

“They’ve completely lost the foundation of building political power,” said Lyons.

The reality is that nowadays, most conservatives live like liberals, and liberals live like Marxists. You know it’s true. You witness it every day.

Like Esau who traded his heritage for nothing more than a bowl of soup, the Western world has traded its rich heritage for woke neo-Marxism, a horrible ideology that pits man against man, undermines both nuclear and extended family ties, and erases history and tradition, making rising generations increasingly susceptible to a future Marxist existence.

“A conservative approach to politics and morals cannot be made to work without the God of Scripture. We experience his presence as that countervailing force which stops every scheme of ideas, and every principle, from expanding infinitely outward until it has subjected all things to its rule,” explained Yoram Hazony, perhaps the greatest driving force behind the NatCon movement, in his book Conservatism: A Rediscovery.

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“The God of Scripture circumscribes all human things, reducing them to their true proportions. Remove him from your thoughts, and your own scheme of ideas, which is local and incomplete, will begin to expand, overrunning its true boundaries,” he continued. “Indeed, it will continue to expand until you mistake it for something universal and complete, and the pronouncements of your own reason come to appear as if they were those of unchanging nature.”

“At this moment, you mistake your own mind for that of God,” wrote Hazony, whose words anticipated what NatCon attendees would witness this week in Brussels: “Here all humility ends, and tolerance of alternative views evaporates. Then these foundations of a just politics are no longer visible – for the human mind, mistaking itself for God’s mind, is blind to them.”

“If we want to face the woke with something as powerful as their Marxist Revolution, then the thing that we’re going to have to face them with is an actual life of conservation and transmission,” said Hazony at a NatCon in Orlando in 2022. “In other words, the things that we’ve lost – God and Scripture and Nation and Family and Man and Woman, Loyalty, Honor, Sanctity – these are just words to most people today and without them you cannot have a society that conserves and transmits and restores and repents when it needs to.”

“If you don’t have those things then you have at best liberalism, and now we know that liberalism collapses into Marxism and it can’t fight it. Liberalism doesn’t have the antibodies, it’s not capable of resisting.”

“Here’s the thing,” said Hazony. “You are going to have to change your lives. Because if America is going to change, it’s going to change because you decide that Christianity is going to be restored as the public culture of the United States, or at least those parts of it where it’s possible.”

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