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Why are there no celebrated trans ballerinas or gymnasts? Easy: They are males.

Thu Nov 21, 2019 - 6:03 pm EST
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Transgender ballerina Sophie Rebecca UK Instagram screenshot

November 21, 2019 (LifeSiteNews) — Where are the graceful transgender ballerinas dominating the world of ballet in the same way that trans “women” are crushing real women in sports?  

We haven’t heard about them because there are none. 

And why do we hear about “trans women” — men who present themselves as females — competing and winning against actual females in cycling, track, rugby, and boxing but not in gymnastics? So far, there are no men claiming to be females competing with women on the uneven parallel bars, balance beam, vault, and floor exercises.  

Have you noticed that men who identify as women compete only in sports in which men also historically compete? Why is that?  

It’s because male DNA permeates every single cell in their bodies, rendering them utterly incapable of competing as real women.  

No matter the degree to which female hormones have deformed them, or how much “reassignment” surgery has mutilated them, their bodies remain male, incapable of competing in sports which require a female body — a real female body, not a Dr. Frankenstein-created version of one.     

Men who pretend to be women can’t perform and excel in sports that belong solely to women so apparently they’re not even trying. Doing so would shatter the fragile illusion that men can be women.

As one young man who aspires to be a ballerina recently admitted, “I really was surprised to see that pointe [dance performed on the tips of one’s toes] wasn’t as easy and graceful as other girls made it.”  

No wonder. Leotards, tutu, and preferred pronouns notwithstanding, he’s a guy.

And here’s a short video of an Englishman who in 2017 was the first openly transgender ballet student to pass the Royal Academy of Dance exams. At 6’ 3” tall, he towers over the young women with whom he practices.  

His teacher, Lynne Reucroft-Croome, told the UK’s Daily Mail that she could not easily see a day when transgender dancers would perform professionally. “Ballet dancers are a bit like racehorses. They have a specific size, shape, height of legs, flexibility.”

Exactly. Despite their pontificating, accusations, and claims of discrimination, men don’t qualify as women. Acquiescence to political correctness and social justice in exchange for the realities of nature and science is a miserable, foolish, impoverishing trade.  

Royal Academy of Dance transgender ballet student SOURCE: Sophie Rebecca UK Instagram screenshot

The increasing presence of gender dysphoric males in female sports, competitions, and dance is not about fairness to transgenders: It’s about affirming the fantasy lives of the gender confused at the expense of all girls and women.  

It’s way too much of the transgender political forces to ask of half the human race. But they’re not only asking it, they’re demanding compliance with their unhinged vain conceits.     

The complete absence of “trans women” from professional ballet and gymnastics competitions is a loud admission that males are not and can never become females, delivering a clear signal that all males should pull out of all girls’ and women’s sports.  

And while they’re at it, they should permanently exile themselves from girls’ and women’s bath and locker rooms as well.

Transgenders crossing sexual boundaries in sports was a “woke” deception from the start, meant to further cloud the clear, immutable truth about the complementarity of man and woman.  

It’s time for this dangerous, grandiose pretension to come to an end. 

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