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Monica Smit of Reignite Democracy Australia addressing a freedom rally in May, 2021Reignite Democracy Australia / YouTube

(LifeSiteNews) — Australia’s democracy is in trouble, and it is time to fight hard. That is why I will be running for the Senate in the upcoming Federal election, surely the most important, if not in the nation’s history, at least in our lifetimes. I will be running on Victoria’s Senate ticket as number two behind my fiancé Morgan C Jonas. We are pure democracy candidates: independents, not aligned with any party, going to the people for direct support.  

Our federal election is on May 21. Please pray for Australians to be wise with their votes and choose candidates who will uphold our human rights and dignities.  

Morgan and I have been on the front line of Australia’s battle against tyranny for over 2 years; this is the natural progression of our dedication. We decided to run as independents because we don’t want to be controlled or manipulated by big party structures or ‘party politics.’ We are just regular Aussies who want to influence positive change. We aren’t politicians, and we never want to play any sort of games—only the ones that will help Australians maintain their liberties and freedoms to work and prosper.  

As far as we know, an independent senator has never been elected in Australia. The system is set up to favour major parties. As independents, we don’t get a fancy logo next to our name on the ballot paper (see pic below), and we don’t have big party branding or funding to run our campaign. We merely get an empty box with the letter R (for Revolution). We are running on a shoestring budget of about $10,000. If we are successful, it will make history as the most successful grassroots political campaign this country has ever seen. I believe in God, and I believe in miracles, so I believe WE CAN DO IT! 

If you’re interested in seeing what the Australian ballot papers look like and what my organization is doing to help people make their vote count, you can watch this video (below). It might give you some ideas for your next state or nationwide election.  

The situation is urgent. Because of the COVID panic and two years of government abuse, the entire fabric of our society has been ripped apart. Basic rights that we thought were protected have been taken away. It is hard to find a single one that has been left intact. 

The right to have a dissenting political view was abused. I was locked in jail for 22 days and told by the police I could get out only if I stopped publicizing my protests and daring to share my political views. I am still fighting these outrageous charges of incitement in the courts. It is political repression. That used to be what occurred in despotic regimes, not so-called democracies.  

The right to assemble was abused. The police around the country brutally attacked perfectly legitimate protesters, in some cases using armoured vehicles. The right to health privacy has been removed, despite criminal laws supposedly protecting it. In much of the country it is not possible to work unless you have proof that you are double vaccinated, which should be protected private health information.  

The right to work without being coerced into participating in a dangerous drug trial has been taken away. The requirement to get informed consent for medical procedures has been ignored. The right to have the doctor-patient relationship considered protected from government interference has been trampled on. It is a disaster for our democracy, and there is no attempt by either of the major parties to even discuss it in the campaign, let alone do something about it. 

Especially concerning is the governments’ push to get children as young as five jabbed with the clearly dangerous so-called “vaccines.” Just how harmful they are is now being revealed from Pfizer’s own clinical data, which is why the FDA unsuccessfully tried to hide it for 75 years.  

That is child abuse and potentially child murder. It is well known that young people are at no risk from COVID. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, the average age of death from the virus is identical to our life expectancy; the disease has affected only older people. So encouraging parents to jab their children with “vaccines” has to rank with the greatest crimes committed by government in our history. 

Predicting how the Australian electorate will vote is extremely hard because voters have been traumatized, treated like prisoners and coerced into medical procedures. The mainstream media has barely a single journalist worthy of the name, and the polls cannot be trusted. (In the last Federal election, they predicted a big win for the Labor party, and the Liberal-National party won instead).  

Completely ignored are the massive protests around the country, which totaled about 7 per cent of the voting population. For every person who demonstrated, there are probably at least two who have the same views but did not come out. So it is fair to assume that at least a fifth of the voters are furious at what has been done to them.  

They will reject both major parties. But rest assured, there will be no effort by the pollsters to canvass these people; they will just concentrate on the usual two-party divide. 

Australians are essentially trauma victims, making this election unpredictable in a way not seen before. Many will want to forget what happened because it was so far outside their normal range of experience. Many will want to cling on to the illusion that we dodged a deadly pandemic thanks to the actions of government and the vaccine rollout. Or they may just want to forget the whole thing in the hope the memory goes away.  

It will not go away. The damage has been deep and wide, and we must fight back at the ballot box. Australians who are concerned about our democracy need to look away from the corrupt two party system and vote in new ways.  

If we get in, rest assured we will be making waves to mend our broken country. Please pray for our success.    

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Monica Smit has been on the front line of Australia’s fight for freedom since August 2020. Most recently she is internationally recognized as Australia’s first political prisoner. She spent 22 days in solitary confinement for refusing to sign draconian bail conditions. The conditions were appealed and revoked. She is now free to continue her work.  
Monica founded an organization called ‘Reignite Democracy Australia’, which now offers a business directory, a social media platform, and 100 community groups around the country, and keeps Australians informed every day with current news and resources.  
She’s also working closely with political parties who respect human rights in the upcoming federal election.