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With many having lost their jobs, remember St. Cajetan - patron of those seeking work

The surprising saint who can help during the coronavirus crisis
Tue Apr 21, 2020 - 7:01 pm EST
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April 21, 2020 (LifeSiteNews) — “Employment, stability, meaningful work – if you want to help people weather this crisis, the one that's coming, save their jobs. It's that clear.” – Tucker Carlson, March 16, 2020.

Those words reminded me of a novena I have prayed on several occasions over the years to Saint Cajetan, patron saint of those seeking work.

In addition to founding the Theatine order, St. Cajetan – who lived in the sixteenth century – founded a bank to help the poor and to offer an alternative to money-lenders practicing usury. His bank later became the Bank of Naples. notes that St. Cajetan’s “concern for the unemployed, giving them the necessary financial help in their time of need, made him their patron.”

Here are some lines that have always struck me when praying the novena, and which are similar to the sentiment expressed by Tucker Carlson last month.

From day 1 of the novena:

You were truly a spiritual shepherd, and your concern was always focused on the salvation of souls. But despite this, you were also aware that with hungry stomachs the faithful would have difficulty in understanding God’s Word. You embarked to help them, not just by giving them bread but helping them gain their living by work.

And from day 3: 

Since your death, dear St. Cajetan, the unemployed people of the world have sought your intercession. Work is the key to a happy life. Look with pity on the millions of people in our country who wake up each morning without certainty of finding food because they don’t have work.

For fellow Catholics who have learned to trust in the intercession of the saints, I can tell you that I have prayed this novena on a number of occasions and have each time been surprised by the generosity of God’s response.

I asked two friends of mine who have experienced similarly fruitful results from praying to St. Cajetan to contribute their reflections for me to include in this article.

Here are the thoughts of the person who first introduced me to St. Cajetan on his experience of praying to him in times of need.

It would have been around 2011, working a sales role for a less than scrupulous firm on a commission only basis, that I hit financial difficulties and decided I desperately needed a new job. As a fairly recent revert to the Faith, and not having much luck previously in the realm of job hunting, I decided to implore God's grace in finding a suitable alternative. A bit of online research and I discovered St. Cajetan, the patron saint of those seeking employment. Being a somewhat keen advocate for distributism, and accrediting the Church’s social doctrines for playing a large part in my coming to the Faith, I knew I'd found a Saint who'd always be close to my heart! Not only had this great saint and purifier of the Church established several hospitals to assist the needy and sick, he even established a usury free bank to combat the scourge of high interest loans and the profit of misery! What greater saint could we ask for today?

And so I embarked on my first ever novena. Expecting the job search to take weeks or months, I was astounded to get an invite for a surprise interview on the second day of the novena! Not only that, they invited me back for a second stage the very same day and I was in work the following week. It really couldn't have come at a better time and St. Cajetan has helped me several times since. I've spread devotion to this great saint and have seen his wonders worked multiple times. I chose him as my confirmation saint and to top it off, I realised his feast-day was the same date as my Irish grandfather who I hope is in heaven praying for me. One day St. Cajetan, I promise to visit the San Paolo Maggiore.

Another friend kindly sent me the following reflection:

St. Cajetan was recommended to me some years ago by a friend. Since that point I have made a novena to him on pretty much every occasion that I have needed a new job; he has never disappointed. Most recently, in early 2020, when I was in a professional pickle working in an unhappy environment, I made back-to-back novenas to St. Cajetan as well as St. Joseph. I emerged from the interview process with the best job I have ever had. I am soon to join an exciting company in a role which promises real fulfilment. ‘Ite ad Joseph’ remains the battle cry of the working man, but I would urge every worker seeking new employment to cover all bases; ‘go to Cajetan’ too.

None of us know how the current global crisis will ultimately develop and what impact it will make in any of our lives. What is clear though is that many are struggling with having lost their jobs and are urgently seeking new employment. Many will be experiencing serious anxiety and economic pressure. My sympathy and prayers go to all who find themselves in that situation.

What is certain is that God wants to help us in all our needs, and I can say that in my experience that when seeking employment it is certainly worth turning to God through the intercession of St. Cajetan.

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