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(LifeSiteNews) — I will mostly let Christine Anderson speak for herself other than to confirm that what she says is correct, if not understated.

We are all imminently facing the most dangerous, ruthless totalitarian movement in all of human history. Covid was just the first trial. Much, much more is to come.

Anderson knows what she is talking about. The Great Reset agenda, of which LifeSiteNews has written a great deal, is moving rapidly toward implementation.

There is still hope, but that hope depends upon a great awakening of the masses and non-compliance becoming the norm.

Far too many are amazingly still too trusting and asleep and not believing what should be believed due to the falsely soothing influence of media and government propaganda. In reality, there is an enormous amount of solid evidence supporting what Anderson is warning about.

Listen to this good, heroic woman:

And then get involved in the battle for freedom NOW.

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