John Jalsevac


Young girl holds sign in Texas: ‘Jesus isn’t a d***: so keep him out of my vagina’

Fri Jul 12, 2013 - 4:53 pm EST

It pains me even to type what the sign said. But there it is. And sadly, it isn't some grumpy old feminist that's holding it. It's a young girl, judging by the photo, not more than in her mid teens, the grotesque, blasphemous message jarring bizarrely with her fresh young face.

If it were a one-time thing, it might not merit mention. I'm not one who delights in finding the absolute worst in even my ideological foes, and pretending it accurately represents the whole movement. Anyone can troll Twitter and find people on both sides of any debate saying awful things. 


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But down in Texas, things are out of control. We have now seen photo after photo of protesters - far too many of them young girls - holding obscene, bizarre, disgusting and blashphemous posters. We can't afford to pretend that these aren't exposing something fundamentally wrong at the heart of the pro-abortion movement. 

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