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(LifeSiteNews) – We are going to tell you a story about a young mother and her stolen child.

It is a true story, but because family courts take a dim view of publicity, we have to change all the names and omit some of the details. We can tell you, however, that this story is taking place in Canada. We can also tell you that this story exposes how the birth registration process in Canadian provinces is open to abuse. And we can tell you that we’re hosting a LifeFunder to help the poor young family.

Felicity's Legal Fund to Get Her Child Returned Safely

“Felicity,” a survivor of child sex abuse, had a child as a teen and married the father. The marriage broke down and, homeless at 21, Felicity moved in with a friendly woman she met through her son’s day care. “Robin” was a lesbian who dressed as a man, and when Felicity’s adoptive parents asked about their relationship, she directed Felicity to cut off all contact with the family. Despite having sexual relationships with other women, Robin was very controlling. Felicity told LifeSiteNews that Robin verbally abused her and her little boy “Sam.”

LifeSiteNews has seen one of the text messages Felicity sent to her family.

While Felicity was still living with Robin, she tried to make a go of it with an ex-boyfriend, Mike. When Felicity told Mike she was pregnant, he felt that he wasn’t ready to be a good dad. But he asked her to have the child and said that he would “be back” when he had cleaned up his life. However, when Felicity told Robin that she was pregnant, Robin forbade Felicity from seeing her boyfriend ever again. When Baby “Pip” was born—prematurely, during the COVID lockdowns, when nobody could visit—Robin made sure that she herself was recorded as Pip’s legal parent and that the baby bore her own, not Felicity’s, surname. The fraudulent story she maintained was that Pip’s conception was thanks to a sperm donor.

LifeSiteNews has seen the birth certificate; Robin is listed first as one of the child’s two “parents.”

“I couldn’t reach the father, so at the time I gave birth, I put down the biological father,” Felicity told LifeSiteNews. “I put down his name twice.”

“Every time I would hand in the paperwork, Robin would say ‘That is the wrong information,’ or would throw it out or threaten me with some kind of scare tactic,” she continued.

“The third time, I didn’t put anybody down. The fourth time, I put anonymous. And the fifth time I finally put Robin.”

Robin then began to undergo sex-change treatments—she made Felicity inject her with the hormones—allegedly to be a “father” to Pip. Felicity alleges that Robin was now physically abusive to her—and to Sam, despite having earlier wanted to adopt the boy. (Sam’s father forbade this.) Robin continued to maintain as much control over Felicity as possible, including tying her to a chair and physically wresting car keys away from her. When Felicity’s mother managed a rare visit to her daughter, Robin—though weak from a recent double-mastectomy—insisted on coming along on their walk.

In the meantime, Mike discovered that Felicity had given birth to his son. He told LifeSiteNews that he attempted several times to reach out to the young mother, but never got a response. Eventually, Felicity messaged him and told him that it might not be his son. Mike demanded a DNA test, and Felicity refused because Robin wouldn’t allow it.

“I found out afterwards that Robin was sitting right beside her during that conversation, making sure she said the right things,” Mike told LifeSiteNews.

Felicity finally left Robin’s home late last year. Miserable, she got in touch with Mike, and he told her to come to him. Unfortunately, Felicity was convinced Robin would let her go only if she left Pip behind. Now Robin, who has never sought legal custody, has seized total control of Pip. She won’t let Felicity visit or allow Mike to talk to his son over the computer. Robin even strictly monitors Felicity’s online conversations with the boy.

“Over the last week I have asked to FaceTime my son, and I get about 5 to 10 minutes of conversation,” Felicity told LifeSiteNews, struggling to keep back tears.

“If I say at any point that I miss him or that I love him or I will see him soon, I can no longer talk to him,” she continued. “And if his father is in the room, I cannot talk to him.”

“He’s only two, so he doesn’t FaceTime very well.”

Felicity has gone to the police, but the police say they have no worries about the child’s well-being. They are clearly not interested in helping Felicity—especially as Robin is on the books as one of the child’s legal parents. Pip’s day care is also no help, and Felicity says it is helping Robin keep the toddler from her. Meanwhile, Robin and Pip are now living with Robin’s current girlfriend, who works for the local Children’s Protective Services. Thus, it looks like the system in this Canadian town is opposed to Pip’s right to know and to be raised by his mother and father.

The other stolen child reunited with her mother

There are rays of hope cutting through these clouds of misery: first, Felicity has turned to her adoptive family, which has reached out to LifeSiteNews for help. In response, LifeSiteNews put Felicity in touch with a Christian lawyers’ group and is hosting a LifeFunder to assist her with the fees. Second, Felicity and Mike are committed to building a life together.

“I’ve never been so happy in my life,” Mike told LifeSiteNews. “All I want is our boy—here.”

Moreover, one lost child—Felicity—has been returned to the mother who loves her and never gave up on her. Felicity’s mother “Barbara” told LifeSiteNews that when she found out where the two women were living, she would find excuses to drop by. (She was never permitted inside.) Gradually, prompted by her mother’s encouragement, Felicity began to communicate with her again.

“One time she was sending a lot of text messages and I responded, “Felicity, you can say what you want, and you can do what you want, but you can never stop me loving you,” the grandmother told LifeSiteNews.

Although Barbara suspected that Robin was controlling her daughter and was behind Felicity’s desire to go no-contact with her family, she did not know that Felicity and Sam were being abused. She heard about this only after Felicity “suddenly left” Robin last year.

“We used to suspect and wonder if she was being controlled, but there was never any physical sign,” Barbara said.

When she managed to see the boys, the grandmother didn’t see any sign that they were being abused but noted that they were “quiet children.” She knew that Pip had been given Robin’s last name, and “right from the beginning” she felt “really uncomfortable about that.” She was “quite surprised” to see that Robin was the first “parent” listed on Pip’s birth certificate.

Barbara’s advice to parents who fear their own estranged daughters will be pressured into falsifying a birth record is to try to maintain contact. (In her own case, even if she had been permitted to see her daughter in hospital, she could not have because of the COVID restrictions.)

“Just try to stay connected as best you can,” she said. “And advise against it, definitely advise against it.”

“I don’t know what persuaded [Felicity] to do such a thing,” she added.  “I don’t understand. She must have felt pressured. She’s had a lot of struggles in her life, you know.”

Barbara also acknowledged that her daughter, growing up, was easily led.

“She’s always been easily persuaded by people. She’s been a people pleaser. She wants people to like her. But she always wants to do what’s right, too. What’s best.”

Mike told LifeSiteNews that his advice to young men in his situation is that, if they can, fathers should be present for their children’s births.

Another victim of transgender ideology

LGBT ideology, the innovations to provincial birth registries, alleged corruption in children’s welfare agencies, police indifference, and the COVID lockdowns all seem to have contributed to a little boy being robbed of his mother and father. However, Felicity’s mother sees Robin, too, as a victim in this story—a victim of transgender ideology.

“She said that we could see the children last summer before she had her [double] mastectomy,” Barbara told LifeSiteNews.

“We met on the sidewalk… and I said, ‘Oh, Robin, I wish you wouldn’t do this’—have the surgery. She was supposed to be having it the next day, and her immediate response was ‘Well, it’s either that or suicide.’ It was quick as that.”

“After Robin had the surgery, we met in a little park around from their apartment, and we went for a walk,” Barbara continued.

“It was only a day or two after, and she shouldn’t have left the apartment. I think she didn’t want us to meet with Felicity and the children without her. So, she came on the walk with us, even though she was quite weak. She lifted up her shirt and wanted me to look at her wounds and the drains that were there. She didn’t seem to have any shyness about baring her chest in public, and Felicity said, “Well, Mum, that’s because it’s a guy.”

“I feel for her. I want her out of Felicity’s life. I want Pip back. I don’t appreciate her keeping Felicity’s child from her. But I feel for her, what she’s got herself into.”

LifeSiteNews has reached out to American children’s rights advocate Katy Faust of “Them Before Us” for her view.

“This is the story of two kids who have been forced to suffer hardship because adult desires were prioritized above the children’s fundamental rights to their mother and father,” Faust told LifeSiteNews via email.

“Felicity and her first husband refused to do the hard work of keeping their marriage together. The second father did not immediately change his life to commit to Felicity and his new baby,” she continued.

“Now that child is the hands of biological strangers. Robin seems to believe she is entitled to possess Pip even though it requires him to lose access to the two adults to whom he has a natural right.”

Faust believes that Canadian provinces have ceased recognizing biological or adoptive parents in favor of “legal” parents.

“That means that the state now decides who is and is not a parent and, as this case proves, biology may prove irrelevant. As this poor mother and father now realize, what the state gives, the state can easily take away.”

Pip’s birth certificate, which does not list his mother and father but merely “Name of Parent/Nom du Parent” for both women, is not meant to preserve the boy’s identity,” Faust declared.

“It is now a document used to fabricate the child’s identity. Pip’s birth certificate does not tell him who he is. It tells him who Robin wants him to be, her legal son with zero relationship to his actual father.”

As an example of the built-in fraudulence of contemporary Canadian birth certificates, Faust alluded to the Province of Ontario’s “All Families are Equal Act (2016).” This act allows up to four legal parents for a child. She thinks it likely that, in Pip’s province, Robin is likely to be awarded at least joint custody.

A father who conceives a child naturally is a parent of the child

However, the “four legal parents for a child” clause in Ontario’s “All Families are Equal Act” refers to children born to a “pre-conception parentage agreement,” generally after artificial insemination or in vitro fertilization. When a child is conceived the natural way, “through sexual intercourse,” the presumption is that the biological father is the parent.

The Act reads as follows:

Other biological parent, if sexual intercourse

7. (1) The person whose sperm resulted in the conception of a child conceived through sexual intercourse is, and shall be recognized in law to be, a parent of the child.


(2) Unless the contrary is proven on a balance of probabilities, there is a presumption in respect of a child conceived through sexual intercourse that a person is, and shall be recognized in law to be, the parent referred to in subsection (1) if any of the following circumstances applies:

1. The person was the birth parent’s spouse at the time of the child’s birth.

2. The person was married to the child’s birth parent by a marriage that was terminated by death or judgment of nullity within 300 days before the child’s birth or by divorce where the judgment of divorce was granted within 300 days before the child’s birth.

3. The person was living in a conjugal relationship with the child’s birth parent before the child’s birth and the child is born within 300 days after they cease to live in a conjugal relationship.

4. The person has certified the child’s birth, as a parent of the child, under the Vital Statistics Act or a similar Act in another jurisdiction in Canada.

5. The person has been found or recognized by a court of competent jurisdiction outside Ontario to be a parent of the child.

It would seem, then, in Ontario at least, men who beget children in the natural way have legal title to the name “parent” unless they willingly give it up. Indeed, when LifeSiteNews called Ontario’s Registrar General’s office for a background information concerning cases like Pip’s, we were advised to call the police. LifeSiteNews did, in fact, call two police departments in the relevant province, but we have not yet received a response from either.

Children’s activist Katy Faust said that the implications of this story for LifeSiteNews readers are that they should “start defending children’s rights everywhere—not just cases involving same-sex couples.”

“All children have a right to be loved by their mother and father, and heterosexuals are just as guilty of casually disregarding that right when it runs afoul of something that we want,” she stated.

LifeSiteNews reached out to Robin, and she said that she had no comment at this time.

Felicity's Legal Fund to Get Her Child Returned Safely