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Why real men fight abortion: Jason Jones’s story of stolen fatherhood

Jason Jones, president and founder of Human Rights Education Organization and Movie to Movement and producer of the pro-life movie Bella, experienced the heartbreaking tragedy of losing his first daughter to abortion. His high school girlfriend’s father took her to get an abortion while Jones was away at basic training. “I exploded!” Jones shares. He goes on to say that he didn’t even know that abortion was legal until he found out he had lost his child to abortion.

Van Maren and Jones dive into men in the pro-life movement, including the fact that porn addiction and the sexual revolution have contributed to the lack of men defending the unborn and feeling uncomfortable at pro-life events. 

You won’t want to miss Jones’s story and his call to men to get involved in the pro-life movement.

Living the faith daily: the rule of St. Benedict for the laity

Watch Mother Miriam's Live show from 10.22.2019. Today, Mother urges listeners to truly live their faith in their daily lives. She speaks about the oblates her order has started following the rule of St. Benedict for the laity. 

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Archbishop Viganò exemplifies what it means to be ‘Catholic’ today

In this special episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, I receive an award on behalf of Vatican whistleblower Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò, who was given aan award from a U.S. Catholic group for his defense of the faith by exposing the cover-up of clerical abuse in the highest echelons of the Church.

Hear one of Mother’s first live shows!

Listen to Mother Miriam's Live originally aired on 6.18.2019. This replay is one of the first episodes of Mother Miriam Live! She speaks about the declaration of truths published by Cardinal Burke and others.

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How the creator of the ‘Magical Birth Canal’ viral video is saving unborn babies

It’s not every day you see a young woman dressed in a pink wig, even pinker lipstick, and holding a giant, sparkly tube that she informs the viewer is supposed to represent the human birth canal (“Disclaimer: birth canal is not the actual size of a birth canal,” we’re helpfully told).

In their wide- ranging interview, Jonathon Van Maren and Laura Klassen, founder of CHOICE42, also discuss the failure of Christian churches to take abortion seriously, the creative process she follows in producing new videos, and a host of other topics. 

Poster for Amazon Synod in Rome shows woman breast-feeding a weasel

In this special episode of The John-Henry Westen Show, I share exclusive footage shot by LifeSite’s videographer, Jim Hale while he’s in Rome documenting the Amazon Synod. 

A few minutes into the video, I share with you the most disturbing, insane poster hung on the wall of the Church. It shows a topless woman with a child over one shoulder, while she is apparently breastfeeding a weasel. 

There is a legitimate way forward for married priests: Celibacy

In this episode of The John-Henry Westen show, Westen speaks with Fr. Anthony Pillari, JCL, about priestly celibacy. Fr. Pillari, a canon lawyer and chaplain in the extraordinary form, discusses the roots of priestly celibacy and why it is a fundamental aspect of the priesthood.

In speaking about priestly celibacy, Fr. Pillari points out that married men can become priests and have in the past, look at Peter our first Pope. However, once a married man became a priest he had to pledge perpetual celibacy and in some cases left home to become a missionary. As the Amazon Synod proposes allowing married priests, The Church needs to remain faithful to tradition and ensure it is be done correctly. 

The rosary is what saved Christendom

Watch Mother Miriam's Live show from 10.14.2019. Today, Mother discusses the Battle of Lepanto and other miraculous victories won by praying the rosary. 

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