Dr. Abby Johnson on the crisis in the Catholic Church and her new film

The John-Henry Westen Show

The John-Henry Westen Show

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Former Planned Parenthood director and pro-life advocate Dr. Abby Johnson boldly continues to expose the crisis within the Catholic Church as well as the dirty secrets and deep corruption hidden in the “pro-choice” industry — sharing never before seen insights gained from her firsthand experiences in her new summer documentary, “Unthinkable.” Dr. Abby Johnson is exposing “crimes against God and humanity,” working to make the biggest profit center of the leftist agenda completely “unthinkable” — while pushing for reforms and conversions within the Catholic Church itself. Amid the death and destruction that remains in the post-Roe world, it is time to inspire the next pro-life generation to build a culture of life both in the Church and the public sphere. 

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May 21, 2024