Every week, The Van Maren Show will try to get a handle on what is really going on in our culture today. It can be difficult to find news sources and storytellers that accurately reflect a Christian, socially conservative, pro-life, pro-family worldview. Join me on Wednesdays as we head to the front lines of the culture war.

Episode 23: How the war between Conservatives is letting the Left win

Wed Jun 26, 2019 - 12:00 am EST

In This Episode

This week on The Van Maren Show, John Zmirak gives a rundown of what he calls, the official war between Conservatives. Listen now!

Van Maren and Zmirak givelisteners a look inside the Conservative civil war that’s been going on for several weeks or months. Van Maren mentions that, in reality, this civil war started with the election of President Donald Trump. The show starts off with a brief history of the beginnings of this internal clash before moving to Van Maren’s conversation with John Zmirak.


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