Episode 26: Ex-porn star reveals the evils behind the scenes of the porn industry

The Van Maren Show

The Van Maren Show

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In this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show, former porn star Deanna Spangler shares how she rose to fame in the pornography industry and why she finally got out.

Van Maren and Spangler speak about her difficult childhood, which included her parents introducing her to pornography when she was just six years old. Spangler explains that after her early exposure to pornography and the death of her mother when she was 10, she began engaging in prostitution. She easily slid into pornography from there, she tells Van Maren. They discuss the close connection between prostitution and pornography, and the degradation and shame women feel that keeps them trapped in this spiral.  

Spangler also discusses truly horrific things – including assault and abuse – and the rise in violent pornography due to television becoming more and more graphic. 

After a dramatic encounter with a man addicted to pornography that ended with him taking his own life, she eventually left the industry. Spangler then went to a Christian seminary and now helps men and women addicted to pornography. This shocking episode exposes the dehumanizing and trapping effects of the pornography industry on women, and the great evils swirling all around the evil of pornography. 

July 17, 2019