HORRIFYING: 100+ Babies Murdered in America's Capitol



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Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising is on the frontlines bringing #JusticeForTheFive — and all 115 babies — discovered ruthlessly butchered and murdered by abortion in America’s capitol, Washington, D.C. Just last year, among all the Washington Surgi-Center dismembered and destroyed babies, five of them were very late term and savagely aborted. Their cause is championed by Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising, a pro-life group dedicating to standing for the hundreds of thousands of babies murdered by abortion across America every year. 

Abortion will lose to the Culture of Life, and every American will be granted the right to life in all 50 states. However, Washington, D.C. — a federal district — has become an abortion center for the pro-abortion and anti-life movement. The Progressive Anti-Abortion Uprising will not stop

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March 24, 2023