Pope Francis EXPOSED - Part 1: Pachamama scandal revisited & Pope Francis' support of communism

The John-Henry Westen Show

The John-Henry Westen Show

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The Pachamama Scandal sent shock waves across the world, exposing the Pope Francis pontificate as the pagan and globalist puppet regime that pro-life and pro-family leaders suspected.

This is a must-watch review of the threats facing the Western World, exposing the compromised political and cultural ideology of the most powerful religious leader on Earth, Pope Francis. The culture of life will never lose to the “Earth Mother” or any other pagan deity worshiped by proponents of The Great Reset.

Also, dive deep into Pope Francis’ shockingly close relationship with one of the most oppressive and anti-human ideologies in history: communism. Communism has taken root in the Francis pontificate, and the culture of life must act fast and stop communism’s rise on the world stage.

December 28, 2022