Pope Francis EXPOSED - Part 2: Italian abortionist praised by Francis & praise for pro-LGBT cardinal

The John-Henry Westen Show

The John-Henry Westen Show

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Abortion is the human sacrifice of the New World Order, and Pope Francis has lavished praise on one of the pro-abortion movement’s greatest heroes: prominent Italian politician and former Minister of Foreign Affairs, Emma Bonino. Bonino admitted to having killed her child through abortion during a time when abortion was illegal in Italy — earning her a 10-day jail sentence. Bonino stopped at nothing to procure an abortion, and will not stop in spreading the abortion agenda across Europe. Despite her bloodlust, Pope Francis has kept a friendly relationship with her, praising her routinely. Then, look at Pope Francis’ disturbing support of a cardinal who was caught red-handed in the child abuse cover-ups. Children are not safe during the Francis regime — tune in now to find out.

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December 28, 2022