Pregnancy during COVID, Masks are rubbish, and it's a shot not a vaccine

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In today’s episode, Maddie, Rebekah, and Lisa, are joined by Meghan Mulherin to discuss the challenges of being pregnant and nursing moms during the COVID lockdowns. They also discuss the dangers posed by masks, and why the COVID vaccine isn’t really a vaccine.

Grab your cup of coffee, tea, or beverage of choice and join us!

We hope that you will be inspired and spiritually strengthened through this podcast and share it with a friend, mother, sister, or daughter in your life.

We will address the raw questions and situations head on from our unique perspectives – like how to handle vaccinating and masking our kids, the work-mom-life balance, protecting our children’s innocence, facing the loss of a child, and much more.  

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Here is some of the information referenced in today’s show:

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Masks don’t work!

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Aborted fetal cells are in vaccines, it’s a big deal!

March 12, 2021