'Surprisingly hopeful': Notre Dame professor talks about the future of conservatism, liberalism in the U.S.

The Van Maren Show

The Van Maren Show

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On this week’s episode of The Van Maren Show, Jonathon Van Maren discusses the future of conservatism with Dr. Patrick Deneen, a professor at Notre Dame University. 

Van Maren and Deneen dig deep into the details of conservatism and liberalism in the United States. This riveting, hope-filled episode, is an important analysis of current society and the political landscape.

The thesis of “Why Liberalism Failed” can be shoved into a nutshell of, “liberalism is failing because liberalism is succeeding.” Deneen provides clarity in the definitions of conservatism and liberalism. He explains that there’s been confusion in what we typically call conservatism in the United States. Deneen suggests that we might more appropriately call conservatives, “classical liberals.” He goes on to say that, “we need to understand there are two variants or versions of liberalism itself.”

September 18, 2019