Tanzanian boys are becoming devout Catholic leaders — with your help

The John-Henry Westen Show

The John-Henry Westen Show

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Catholic entrepreneur Christopher Wendt has launched an initiative to build the St. Benedict House of Studies in Tanzania, Africa to accommodate the authentic and traditional Catholic faith growing in the African nation. St. Benedict House of Studies will support a school for boys, giving them education and formation to become Catholic priests. Wendt is sponsoring a climb of Tanzania’s crown jewel, Mount Kilimanjaro — world-famous for its beauty and majesty — to support the development of the St. Benedict House of Studies and its curator, Fr. Antonius Maria. Fr. Antonius Maria already educates and mentors hundreds of boys and girls, and the climbers’ ascent will be more than just a visit to a beautiful landmark. They will gain deeper devotion to Christ, Our Lady, and the Church.

To support the St. Benedict House of Studies and the boys in its care, visit: https://www.lifefunder.com/Kilimanjaro

January 11, 2024