UPDATE: New World Order fully unleashed | Pagans, heretics & communist Chinese

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Pope Francis’ new Mayan Rite of the Mass is a trojan horse of pagan worship — and is on the brink of being unleashed to the entire world. Born from Francis’ Pachamama Synod glorifying pagan practices in the Amazon, Francis is now injecting pagan worship directly into the heart of the Mass — scandalizing billions of Catholics around the world. As paganism spreads, heretical German bishops are destroying the Catholic Church’s teaching voice with false doctrines about “LGBTQ blessings.” Only a handful of faithful bishops are speaking out. 

Will pagan worship and heresy soon destroy the West, our families, and communities? Meanwhile, Chinese Communist President Xi Jinping is making political moves and forging a closer alliance with Vladimir Putin as Russia continues its attacks against Ukraine. With President Biden failing to lead on the world stage, and Pope Francis abdicating his role as Supreme Pontiff, paganism, heresy, and communism may quickly rise in all corners of the world.

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March 24, 2023