Right now the #FlushTarget truck is visiting every single Target store in the retailer's home state of Minnesota, protesting Target's extreme and ideologically drive "transgender" bathroom policy. However, if we are to continue to pressure Target to rescind their dangerous policy, and respect the privacy rights of our wives and daughters, we have to keep the #FlushTarget truck on the road, not just in Minnesota, but across the entire nation!

It costs $650 a day to drive the #FlushTarget truck for 10 hours, or one full day on the road. This includes the price of fuel, rental fees, and one driver. There is nothing quite like the #FlushTarget truck. Its message is impossible to miss and the fact that Target has repeatedly kicked it out of its parking lots shows our tactics are working!

So please join the #FlushTarget campaign by donating today to keep the #FlushTarget truck on the road. Because men simply don't belong in women's bathrooms, no matter what Target says.