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LSN Unicef Stories 1997

LifeSite's Unicef Home Page
LSN Reports - 1998

United Nations International Children's Fund

LifeSite Reports - 1997 & Previous Years

Note: many of the source links within the stories may now be outdated since few mainstream news services maintain long-term Internet archives

* A Warning to Parents About UNICEF Oct. 30/97
* Toronto Catholic School Board Nixes Support for UNICEF - CLC National News April 1997
* Reaction to Elections Canada's National Election for the Rights of Youth Nov. 9/96
* Vatican Withdraws Symbolic UNICEF Contribution -From Nov. 1996 Nov. 1996
* Pro-abortion Stephen Lewis Appointed UNICEF Director - CLC National News Oct. 1995
* UNICEF Appoints Pro-Abortion U.S. Senator as its New Director- Interim May 1995

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