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United Nations International Children's Fund

Lifesite Reports - 1999

Note: many of the source links within the stories may now be outdated since few mainstream news services maintain long-term Internet archives

* UN & IPPF Behind International Promotion of "Emergency Contraception" - Special Report Dec. 10/99
* ‘Children's rights' vote thwarted - Interim Dec. 1999
* Joe Clark Pushed UNICEF-backed Convention onto Canada Nov. 11/99
* Alberta Warns Schools about UNICEF Child Rights Vote Nov. 10/99
* Child Rights 'Vote' Raised in House: Media ADS to be Aired Nov. 3/99
* UNICEF's latest ploy - Catholic Insight Nov. 1999
* Why You Should Not Support UNICEF this Halloween Oct. 29/99
* An Apathetic Electorate - Most Schools are Ignoring UNICEFs 'kiddie-rights' Vote - The Report Magazine Oct. 25/99
* Abortion Activist MPP Tries to Nix Pro-Life Group Fundraiser Oct. 20/99
* UNICEF Box Fundraiser Loses Out to Pro-Life Group Oct. 18/99
* BC School Boards Reject UNICEF Campaign Oct. 14/99
* Phony "Catholic" Group to Address Catholic School Board Oct. 13/99
* ‘Children's rights' vote to be held in schools - Interim Oct. 1999
* MP Issues Reasons to Object to UNICEF Child Rights Vote Sept. 24/99
* 7 Reasons Why Canadians Should Object to Elections Canada's 'Child Rights' Vote - Interim Sept. 24/99
* MP Criticizes November "Child Rights" Vote Sept. 20/99
* UN Sec. Gen. Re-Appoints Pro-Abort to Head UNICEF Sept. 15/99
* Child's Rights Convention Propaganda Campaign Unveiled - Special Report Sept. 14/99
* Stephen Lewis Rumoured for Governor General Aug. 20/99
* UNICEF has Strayed From its Original Mandate - Interim Aug. 1999
* UNICEF By-Passes Canadian Parents and Legislatures July 13/99
* P.E.I. Pro-Lifers Expose UNICEF's Complicity in Abortion - Interim July 1999
* Canadian Sancturary? - Interim Feb. 1999
* Canadian Meeting on UN Depopulation Plans Enlists Pro-Aborts - Special Report Jan. 28/99

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